09.27.12 — ON/OFF

Thursday, September 27, 2012
Puzzle by Joel Fagliano / Edited by Will Shortz

ON/OFF SWITCH (56A. Toggle … or a hint to 18-, 29- and 45-Across?), FROFFT ONICE (18A. Sports team management group), GO ON OFF A TANGENT (29A. Digress) and ON-YEAR ELECTIOFF (45A. What a mayor wins usually) constitute the interrelated group of this thorny Thursday crossword.
Other — AL FATAH, BASS SOLO, CAT YEARS, DARE I SAY, ELUSIVE, GLACIER, MR FREEZE (38D. “Batman“ villain in a cryogenic suit), ON PAROLE, PENANCE, SCOTSMAN (37D. Arthur Conan Doyle, e.g.).
Mid-size — A L EAST, ALLAH, AMORAL, “You missed A SPOT”, CANCER, CHORAL, CHROMA, COATED, FRITO, IN A WAY, LEONID meteor shower, MACRON (12D. Diacritical mark), Orion NEBULA, NOONAN, NORSE, OCTOPI, OHIOAN, ORIOLE, OUTIES, PAMELA, SNAP AT, SORT OF, SPASMS, TEBOW, YO-YO MA (47D. Classical musician whose career has had its ups and downs?).
Short stuff — ARY, AZO, COO, Lana DEL Rey, EERO, EGAL, ERSE, ETRE, FEW, FLA, GPS, HMO, INFO, IOS, ISLA, JOB, JUG-eared, LEO, LOS, MEW and NEW, NOEL, OH SO, “ … boy OR A girl?”, RON Swanson, SAFE, TOY, UFC, UNA, VIES, WOW (61A. “That‘s crazy!”).

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Part of a metaphorical ladder; 4. Any of the Galapagos; 8. Color classification quality; 14. Italian article; 15. “Angels From the Realms of Glory,” e.g.; 16. Like psychopaths, say; 17. Cellphone feature, for short; 22. Suffix with diet; 24. Language for a 37-Down; 25. Some navels; 28. California’s ___ Padres National Forest; 32. Word appearing more than 20 times on Iran’s flag; 33. Like some music; 36. Muscle cramps, e.g.; 40. Covered;44. Capital on the Gulf of Guinea; 49. Engage in some pillow talk; 51. French word with a circumflex; 52. Play (with); 53. What portable Apple products run; 54. It can be found in runes; 60. Kitten call; 62. Classic 1740 romance subtitled “Virtue Rewarded”; 63. Contests; 64. Kind of dye; 65. To some extent; 66. Architect Saarinen; 67. Shiny, say. — DOWN: 2. Out, in a way; 3. Certain jazz club improvisation; 4. Dope; 5. To some extent; 6. 48-Down follower; 7. Movement founded by Yasser Arafat; 8. Age calculation at a vet clinic; 9. Medical grp.; 10. ___ Swanson, “Parks and Recreation” boss; 11. 13-Down athlete; 13. See 11-Down; 19. Popular corn chip, informally; 21. Expiation; 24. Even in Paris?; 26. Mixed martial arts org.; 27. Lose one’s patience with, maybe; 30. Many a Browns fan; 31. Epitome of slowness; 35. “This may be controversial, but…”; 39. Cry at home, maybe; 41. America’s favorite active pro athlete,” per a 2012 ESPN poll; 42. Slippery; 43. Singer Lana ___ Rey; 45. Exotic aquarium specimens; 46. Speechwriter who coined the phrase “Read my lips: no new taxes”; 47. Classical musician whose career has had its ups and downs?; 48. 6-Down preceder; 55. Very; 57. Small number; 58. Fourth-largest state in population: Abbr.; 59. N.H.L. impossibility.


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