09.25.12 — NESSIE

Lochness Monster, Surgeon's Photograph
Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Puzzle by Ian Livengood / Edited by Will Shortz

The N in NESSIE rears its head above this crossword in a stray square numbered as 0 in the upper right of the puzzle while the rest of NESSIE resides in shaded or circled squares below, accompanied by SURGEON’S PHOTO (20A. Supposed evidence of the 38-Across), LOCH NESS MONSTER (38A. Subject of this puzzle) and CRYPTOZOOLOGY (51A. Field of study that includes the 38-Across). It should be noted that the numbering differs from the electronic and the newsprint editions from 1 through 12, leaving 0 in the newsprint as the square for the N in NESSIE.
FAKE or REAL (66 or 67-Across: What some consider the 38-Across to be) completes the interrelated group of this strange Tuesday crossword.
Other — BAR GRAPH, INTUIT, I THOUGHT SO (11D. “My suspicions were right!”), NARCOS, PESETA, POCKET COMB (28D. Grooming item for one on the go), Upton SINCLAIR, Ian THORPE, TORE AT (25D. Tried to claw open).
Short stuff — AIDA, ALOE, ARK, ASAP, AXIS, BABS (1D. Streisand, familiarly), BEER, BLOB and BLOC, BMW, CHAR, COO, DOC, DOHS, “EAT your heart out!“, E’ER (12D. Poetic contraction), ETRE, GOYA (56D. Prado artist), HRE, IDYL, IHOP, “Your guess IS AS good …”, LEE, In LIEU of, MEMO, NE’ER (0-Down. Poetic contraction), ODER, OLDE, OLGA, PEN, PERP, Year of the RAT, SEAN Paul, SPAS, TGIF, TIS, TOT, VIBE, WEBS, YELL, YES, ZONK.


For the purpose of this post, the hand-filled newsprint version is printed below.
Click on image to enlarge.
Puzzle available on the internet at

Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Formless lump; 3. “Chop-chop!”; 9. Vague sense; 13. Opera set in Egypt; 14. H.S. Health course; 16. To be, to Bernadette; 17. Fraternity party purchase; 18. City where 13-Across debuted; 19. Blacken, in cooking; 22. Year o f the __ (what 2008-09 was); 24. Game piece on a Stratego board; 28. Green figure, briefly; 29. 1999 Frank McCourt memoir; 32. Fungus that affects cereal; 34. 24-hour place to hit the links?; 35. Pre-euro money; 37. Medieval Eur. Domain; 41. Biblical sanctuary; 42. Feel in one’s bones; 44. Utterly tired; 46. You called?”; 47. 100 smackers; 48. French states; 50. Marty’s scientist pal in “Back to the Future”; 58. Voting alliance; 60. All lit up; 61. Lotion additive; 62. In-tray item; 63. DEER XING and others; 64. Quaint literary work; 65. Some Halloween décor. — DOWN: 3. Baltic Sea feeder; 4. Chart in many a PowerPoint presentation; 5. Cousin of a neckerchief; 6. Reggae artist ___ Paul; 7. Pivotal line; 8. Crook, to a cop; 9. Missile heading; 11. Item offering support; 15. Homer Simpson outbursts; 22. The Atlantic, e.g.; 25. Tried to claw open; 26. Miserly Marner; 27. 2000 and 2004 swimming medalist Ian; 29. Peckish; 30. Debate topic; 31. Haulers on the highway; 33. Hardly wandering; 35. Confident solver’s tool; 36. Rug rat; 40. Upton who wrote “Oil”; 45. Bust figures; 47. Whisper sweet nothings; 49. Five-star hotel offerings; 50. Search for water, in a way; 53. “Whew! What a long week!”; 53. Korbut on a balance beam; 54. Fall dead asleep, with “out”; 55. Adjective for a shoppe; 56. Prado artist; 57. Hoot and holler; 568. Maker o the 7 Series; 59. Spike behind a camera.


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