09.28.12 — Sensory Overload

 A Clockwork Orange 1971


Friday, September 28, 2012

Puzzle by Ed Sessa / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Menlo Park middle name, ALVA; 5. Musical with the song “Bui Doi”, MISS SAIGON; 15. Receives, as a visitor, SEES; 16. What cosmologists wonder, ARE WE ALONE; 17. Word for quitters, CAN’T; 18. Got through, PENETRATED; 19. Heat, ESTRUS; 21. Gorge, SATE; 22. Aqui, across the Pyrénées, ICI; Dovetail part, TENON; 24. Be feeble-minded, DOTE; 25. Like some mus. Notes, STAC; 26. Judge in 1990s news, ITO; 27. Neverland resident, FAIRY; 29. Maker of a special-delivery flight, STORK; 30. What shows its ribs?, CORDUROY; 32. Things that are shot or fought, ROUNDS; 33. One way to resign, IN PROTEST; 35. St. ALBANS (English boys’ school founded in 1948); 38. Stadium ear piercer, VUVUZELA; 42. Chicken’s yellow part?, BELLY; 43. Swing a thurible around, CENSE; 44. Texas hoopster, MAV; 45. Phishing lure?, SCAM; 46. Arabian parent, SIRE; 47. Eclipse alternative, MIATA; 49. Like chestnuts, OLD; 50. It may follow a cut, DEAL; 51. Milk curdler, RENNET; 52. Classic Robert Burns poem, with “A”, RED RED ROSE; 55. Certain something, AURA; 56. Be disengaging?, BREAK A DATE; 57. Grow tiresome, WEAR; 58. People person, SCREEN IDOL; 59. Some brackets, ELLS.
Down — 1. Mahatma Gandhi, for one, ASCETIC; 2. Provide for tenancy, LEASE TO; 3. Atlantic follower, in Monopoly, VENTNOR; 4. Turf leader?, ASTRO; 5. Hikers’ helpers, MAPS; 6. Madness, IRE; 7. Potential downside of the information age, SENSORY OVERLOAD; 8. Hyperhidrotic, SWEATY; 9. Otto goes after it, SETTE; 10. Swiss banks may be affiliated with it, AARE; 11. Pier grp., ILA; 12. Began brawling, GOT IT ON; 13. Draw for an inside straight, say, ONE CARD; 14. Old fast-food chain whose mascot’s head was an orange, NEDICK’S; 20. Bombing at a comedy club, UNFUNNY; 24. DIOR Homme (perfume brand); 25. Blackhawk carmaker, STUTZ, or maybe THIS; 28. MoMA’s “Two Heads” and “Birds in an Aquarium”, ARPS; 29. “Yeah, I did it .. Oh well!”, SO SUE ME; 31. Director for murder?, DIAL M; 32. Quick spins?, REVS; 34. Whistler’s production, TUNE; 35. Rivets, ABSORBS; 36. Tank named after a French W.W. II general, LECLERC; 37. Inflatable lining, BLADDER; 39. Daley’s successor as may or Chicago, EMANUEL; 40. Pass out on the field?, LATERAL; 41. Some self-images, AVATARS; 43. John who wrote the textbook “How Does a Poem Mean?”, CIARDI; 46. Many a cab, SEDAN; 48. Knocked out, IN AWE; 50. Fool on the ice, DEKE; 51. Cousin of a jig, REEL; 53. Singer Carly, RAE Jepsen; 54. Pou STO (basis of operations).

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