09.22.12 — The Saturday Crossword

Saturday, September 22, 2012 — Equinox
Puzzle by Kristian House / Edited by Will Shortz
Across — 1. “Seinfeld” holiday that begins with the Airing of Grievances, FESTIVUS; 9. Uphold, AFFIRM; 15. Function-canceling setting, OVER-RIDE; 16. Strive to get, VIE FOR; 17. 25-Across-interrupting cry, GET A ROOM; 18. Fulfills a take-out order?, ERASES; 19. GRAVEL-voiced; 20. Deep-seated, INNER; 22. Old-style oath, EGAD; 24. See 35-DownPDA, ; 28. Tag issuer, briefly, DMV; 31. Women with similar habits?, SISTERHOOD; 34. Settings of many schools, REEFS; 37. One “caught” on grainy film, SASQUATCH; 38. Important name in Chinese history, EN LAI; 39. Prefix with consumer, ECO; 40. Short-billed marsh bird, CRAKE; 41. What a construction worker may bolt down, SACK LUNCH; 43. One whose checks should be chucked?, KITER; 44. Summer threshold?, SCREEN DOOR; 46. Literary salute, ODE; 47. Naval petty officer, briefly, YEO; 48. Vietnam’s NGO Dinh Diem; 49. Boob, TWIT; 52. Warehouses, STOWS; 54. Diners are full of them, AROMAS; 58. Like some turkeys and geese, to cooks, BASTED; 61. Genre for Iggy Pop, PUNK ROCK; 63. Young celebrity socialite, IT GIRL; 64. Afoot, UNDERWAY; 65. Holder in front of a tube, TV TRAY; 66. Many leads, ultimately, DEAD ENDS.
Down — Literary world traveler, FOGG; 2. Mindful leader?, EVER; 3. SET A course; 4. Section between crossbeams, 5. Like some cut-rate mdse., IRREG; 6. Orchestral section, VIOLAS; 7. Japanese vegetable, UDO; 8. Long hauler, SEMI; 9. Show set in an “outer-outer borough” of New York, AVENUE Q; 10. What comes out when things go up?, FIRE TRUCK; 11. Chicken quality, FEAR; 12. They’re unclear, IFS; 13. Some eggs, ROE; 14. Title box choice, MRS; 21. Medium-to-poor, NOT SO HOT; 23. Pull funding from, DISENDOW; 25. Ingredient in colcannon, along with cabbage, POTATO; 26. Cut, DOCKED; 27. Not come unglued?, ADHERE; 28. Fancy, DRESSY; 29. Virus or hurricane, e.g., MENACE; 30. Invention inspired by burs, VELCRO; 32. Defendant in a much-publicized 1920s trial, SACCO; 33. Mata HARI; 35. With 24-Across, bluff, FAKE; 36. It ended in the early 1930s, SILENT ERA; 42. Way too early, UNGODLY; 45. Land near the Equator, RWANDA; 50. Sore, IRKED; 51. Dodgers manager before Mattingly, TORRE; 52. Brouhaha, STIR; 53. 25-Down, informally, SPUD; 55. Like cut greens, MOWN; 56. It may be mil., ACAD; 57. “SKY’S the Limit” (Temptations album); 58. Driller, BIT; 59. Safari wheels, ATV; 60. Driller: Abbr., SGT; 62. Champagne article, UNE.


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