09.15.12 — The Saturday Crossword

Saturday, September 15, 2012
Puzzle by Joon Pahk and Brad Wilber / Edited by Will Shortz
With vague cluing and vexing answers of wide variety, this is a fiendish Saturday crossword.
Across — 1. Livid, UP IN ARMS; 9. The “them” in “Let them eat cake”, MASSES; 15. Caribbean isle, DOMINICA; 16. Experts at jet propulsion, OCTOPI; 17. Colorful marine fish with spiny, fanlike fins, DRAGONET; 18. Low-scoring, as a World Cup game, ONE NIL; 19. Get a groove on?, ETCH; 20. Miami Heat player who was the 2006 N.B.A. Finals M.V.P., DWYANE WADE; 22. “Cherry ice cream smile” wearer, in a Duran Duran hit, RIO; 23. Winter Palace succession, TSARS; 24. Rock, STUN; 25. Pacific port, APIA; 27. Real-life 33-Across once played by Stallone, NITTI; 30. Bygone operator of N.Y.C.’s Second Avenue El, IRT; 31. Org. with a “This Just in” blog, CNN; 33. Person with convictions, CRIMINAL; 35. Famous higher-up in admissions?, ST PETER; 39. Departure, of a sort, ANOMALY; 40. Moderator’s domain, perhaps, CHAT ROOM; 42. Mother of Gobo and Faline, in children’s lit, ENA; 43. Word of protest, HEY; 44. Christie and others, ANNAS; 46. Titan or Atlas, briefly, ICBM; 49. “ELI’S Coming” (1969 hit); 51. Raw data, often, INPUT; 53. It makes many twists and turns, EEL; 55. Admonition to one celebrating prematurely, DON’T JINX IT; 58. Something in a crumbled state in Greece?, FETA; 59. Cheer, URGE ON; 60. Cocktail party trayful, CRUDITES; 62. Big name in fashion, LAUREN; 63. De facto national carrier since 1932, AEROFLOT; 64. Boots, EXPELS; 65. Casino in “Casino,” 1995, TANGIERS.

Down — 1. Milk source, UDDER; 2. Balthasar’s true identity, in Shakespeare, PORTIA; 3. Start for Friday?, I’M A COP; 4. Practically, NIGH; 5. It makes mist moist, AN O; 6. Coats removed before eating, RINDS; 7. “Atonement” novelist, 2001, MCEWAN; 8. Wanton, SATYRIC; 9. Pull up a seat for?, MOON; 10. Problem to face?, ACNE; 11. Worries, STEWS; 12. Harpsichord practice piece, maybe, SONATINA; 13. Delivery room shot, EPIDURAL; 14. Without attracting attention, say, SILENTLY; 21. Stars, in a motto, ASTRA;23. Sacred Hindu text, TANTRA; 26. Artist with the first hip-hop album to carry an explicit content sticker, ICE-T; 28. Table poker?, TINE; 29. Gofer’s pledge, I’M ON IT; 32. Extra-bright, NEON; 34. Non-PC choice, IMAC; 35. Good thing to be on while working, SCHEDULE; 36. Dr. Seuss book, THE LORAX; 37. Getting square, PAYING UP; 38. 1998 De Niro film with a memorable wrong-way car chase, RONIN; 41. Nickelodeon’s Stimpy, e.g., MANX CAT; 45 Shrub also called meadowsweet, SPIREA; 47. Bug, BEETLE; 48. Hunk noted for streaking, METEOR; 50. About 264 gallons, STERE; 521. Start of a back-up plan?, U-TURN; 54 Goes on, LASTS; 56. Prophet read on Ash Wednesday, JOEL; 57. Middle-earth’s Green Dragon and Prancing Pony, INNS; 58. Classic name for a 61-Down, FIFI; 61. See 58-Down, DOG.

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