02.25.13 — Quickly

Monday, February 25, 2013
Puzzle by Angela Olson Halsted / Edited by Will Shortz

Quickly, LIPTON BRISK (17A. Iced tea brand), THREE-DAY FAST (27A. Observance prescribed in the Book of Esther), PACIFIC FLEET (47A. It’s headquartered at Naval Station Pearl Harbor) and TAYLOR SWIFT (62A. Country singer with the 2012 #1 hit “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”) constitute the interrelated group of this back-to-work Monday crossword.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. ___ one’s time (waits patiently); 6. Open-air rooms; 11. Slippery, as winter roads; 14. Perfect; 15. Chili ingredients; 16. This instant; 19. Mom’s forte, in brief; 20. Greets the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium, say; 21. Young’s partner in accounting; 22. “Cheers” actress Perlman; 23. Canadian capital; 25. Spine-tingling; 32. Provide with guns; 35. An “A” in N.C.A.A.: Abbr.; 36. Old-time actress; 37. Where an ocean and a continent meet; 39. BlackBerry or iPod Touch, for short; 41. Toots of a horn; 42. “… better left ___”; 44. Ye ___ Shoppe; 46. Baseball bat wood; 50. Al of auto racing; 51. Actor Brendan of “Journey to the Center of the Earth”; 55. Leave at the altar, say; 57. ___ cuisine; 60. The “I” of F.Y.I., for short; 61. Israeli-made weapon; 64. Imus of “Imus in the Morning”; 65. Literary device much used by O. Henry; 66. “Imus in the Morning” medium; 67. Poem of praise; 68. Ferber and Krabappel; 69. Look of disdain. — DOWN: 1. ___ Baggins of “The Hobbit”; 2. Birdbrain; 3. Commercial word after Home or Office; 4. Persistently aggravates; 5. ___-mo (instant replay technique); 6. E.g., e.g.; 7. Slender shorebird; 8. Lifted; 9. As an alternative; 10. “Don’t ___, don’t tell” (bygone military policy); 11. Close by; 12. Singer Nat King ___; 13. Service org. for females; 18. Gets closer; 22. Remington product; 24. Hypotheticals; 26. Hearty-flavored brew; 28. Clairvoyant’s skill, for short; 29. “It’s the ___ the world …”; 30. Small tastes; 31. Peter of reggae; 32. Smallish bra size; 33. Author Jaffe; 34. Like a he-man; 38. Matthew, Mark, Luke or John; 40. Every last one; 43. Blockbuster Bruce Willis movie; 45. Put off until later; 48. Kid’s coloring implement; 49. Taipei’s land; 52. Nasty, as a remark; 53. “The Hunger Games” chaperon; 54. Helicopter blade; 55. Cousin of karate; 56. Shirt brand that once had a crocodile symbol; 58. Humerus neighbor; 59. Santa’s bagful; 62. Make a knot in; 63. Former jrs.



Anonymous said...

What one might prefer to Lipton Brisk

Nestle's Quik [sic]

What the old Pacific Fleet's guns would enter into

Rapid fire

Tom Hanks was called one in '95

A Hasty Pudding

Warner Brothers' rodent

Speedy Gonzalez

Wine lees


David Bowman said...

15A: I was shocked by the answer to the clue "Chili ingredients." Do all New Yorkers believe that BEANS are a chili ingredient? I hope not. No self-respecting Texan would ever put beans in his chili recipe. In fact, in the old days, only poor Mexicans who couldn't afford much beef put beans in their chili as a means of stretching it. As a result, those who did so earned the name "beaners." Try bringing your chili recipe with beans to a chili cook-off and see what happens.

DONALD said...

Petrovich -- that's why they have menus in restaurants -- there is no accounting for taste...