05.15.11 — Nightmare — the Cryptic Crossword

The Nightmare by John Henry Fuseli 1781 Detroit Institute of Art — depicting the Alp sitting on the woman experiencing the nightmare.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cryptic Crossword by Don Manley / Edited by Will Shortz

Tough stuff, rife with distant rationale, this Sunday’s cryptic crossword might have the solver guessing the answer from the crosses and figuring out how the clue works retroactively.

Across1. Show that makes you tense (7), PRESENT, double definition; 5. State unfortunately having a king overthrown (6), ALASKA, alas, reverse king, ace; 10. A CD parent played - for someone moving to the music? (3, 6), TAP DANCER, anagram; 11. Inventor high-minded, but becoming a bit twisted at the end (5), NOBEL, e.g. homonym of noble; 12. Studious sort encountered in dinner dance (4), NERD; 13. Office materials not being transported, we hear (10), STATIONERY, e.g., stationary; 14. Light meals men finally packed into bags (6), SNACKS, S(meN)ACKS; 16. Country garden with some weeds initially at the front (6), SWEDEN, weeds and n for initial; 18. President is liberal no more (6), MONROE; 20. It’s little Susan in the paper (6), TISSUE, e.g. ‘Tis Sue; 23. Exceptionally adroit man, I may get acclaim (10), ADMIRATION, anagram; 25. Alcoholic’s round after victory (4), WINO; 27. A cold journey for the most part? It’s bitter! (5), ACRID, A Cold RIDe; 28. Terrible ordeal? Give them a grin somehow (9), NIGHTMARE, anagram; 29. Truncated oriental festival (6), EASTER, e.g., Eastern; 30. Anguish created by guys in the wrong (7), TORMENT, e.g., men, tort.

Down — 1. Obvious document for an inventor to get (6), PATENT, double definition; 2. One prates oddly in a language few can understand (9), ESPERANTO, anagram; 3. Dash made by antelope deprived of tail (4), ELAN, ELANd; 4. Old historian understood America (7), TACITUS, e.g., tacit, U.S.; 6. Unsociable types, including academic city dwellers in the U.K. (9), LONDONERS; 7. Fur bought primarily in special-offer event (5), SABLE, b and sale; 8. Narrow passages in ships? No good! (6), ALLEYS, galleys, initial g for good; 9. Deserter caught by American troops gets free (6), GRATIS, G(RAT)IS; 15. Something supplied to a printer that may go into a magazine (9), CARTRIDGE, double definition; 17. Explain tricky clue one time (9), ELUCIDATE, clue one date; 19. Carry on with English nurse - grabbing a kiss! (6), EXTEND, E X tend; 20. An idea - however daft, ultimately (7), THOUGHT, THOUGH(daf)T; 21. Situation in which to find a magnificent building (6), PALACE, P(A)LACE; 22. Company man is convincing (6), COGENT, CO GENT; 24. Gospel writer’s symbols (5), MARKS; 26. Celebrity to begin but not finish (4), STAR, STARt.


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