05.27.11 — Wooer's Surprise

Friday, May 27, 2011

Puzzle by Ashton Anderson / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Seething, ABOIL; 6. The Panthers of the N.C.A.A., PITT; 10. Decision-prompting request, RSVP; 14. “Doctor Zhivago” producer, PONTI; 15. Drama halls, ODEA; 16. Electric weapon, EPEE; 17. Glance, SNEAK A PEEK; 19. Charity allotment, DOLE; 20. Never wrapping up, ENDLESS; 21. Remove forcefully, TEAR OUT; 23. Still contending, IN IT; 24. “My treat”, IT’S ON ME; 25. Fundamentalist group, AL-QAEDA; 28. “With Reagan” writer, MEESE; 29. Fail, GO UNDER; 30. Pierced, ENTERED; 33. Where you may be on a French map, ICI; 34. Meiji prime minister, ITO; 35. “Impossible”, NO CAN DO; 40. Looks like it does, SEEMS TO; 44. Name on some underwear, KLEIN; 45. Peak, MAXIMUM; 46. It exceeds the sum of its parts, GESTALT; 48. Explanatory words, AS IN; 49. Good enough, UP TO PAR; 50. Bar fixture, REGULAR; 54. Currency dropped during the French Revolution, ECUS; 55. Scorned kid brother, maybe, TATTLETALE; 57. Fizz ingredient, SODA; 58. Naturalist’s subj., ECOL; 59. Player of a stoic crew member, NIMOY; 60. Gods swear by it, STYX; 61. Inits. On some underwear, DKNY; 62. Heard trial evidence, TAPES.

Down — 1. Religious recession?, APSE; 2. Bygone European capital, BONN; 3. Linear, ONE D; 4. Like “Cinema Paradiso”, ITALIAN; 5. Analogized, LIKENED; 6. Prince, e.g., POP STAR; 7. Periodic table suffix, IDE; 8. When a foursome starts, TEE TIME; 9. Rest, TAKE TEN; 10. Wooer’s surprise, RED ROSE; 11. Trump the jack, e.g., SPOONERISM; 12. Soft palate, VELUM; 13. Most successful U.S. black golfer before Woods, PEETE; 18. Obiter dictum, ASIDE; 22. Play A SET (do some tennis); 25. Hostile to, in the hills, AGIN; 26. Gonzo, LOCO; 27. Fast learner, QUICK STUDY; 31. Senate censure, ET TU; 32. Make a goner, DOOM; 36. Instrument for Cannnonball Adderley, ALTO SAX; 37. Opposite of spring, tidewise, NEAP; 38. Like some pupils, DILATED; 39. Following the schedule, ON TRACK; 40. With style, SMARTLY; 41. One may hold a drawing, EASEL; 42. Pressing, EXIGENT; 43. Triviality, MINUTIA; 46. “GUESS again!”; 47. Future World setting, EPCOT; 51. Lighting director?, LAMP; 52. Natural soother, ALOE; 53. Curious George’s creators, REYS; 56. Large load, TON.


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