05.03.11 — Superheroes, etc.

Superman, Aquaman, Batman, Spiderman, Ironman and the Sir John Gilbert portrait of Joan of Arc


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Puzzle by Kevin Choset / Edited by Will Shortz

MAN (71A Word that can follow the start of 18-, 24-, 38-, 53- or 61-Across), SUPERBOWL XX (18A. Event held on January 26, 1986), AQUAMARINE (2A. Blue-green gem), BAT AROUND (38A. Idly debate), SPIDER CRAB (53A. Long-legged sea animal seen along the Atlantic Coast) and IRON CURTAIN (61A. Continental divide, once) constitute the interrelated group of this Tuesday crossword.

Other — BALLADS (1D. Sentimental songs), BARROOM, BRUSQUE (2D. Short), ISOTOPE (43D. Member of a fictional Springfield baseball team), LECTURE, O CANADA (47D. Song words followed by “Terre de nox aïeux”), ORLEANS (11D. City liberated by Joan of Arc), ROBESON (48A. Actor/singer/athlete/activist Paul).

Mid-size — ANTONS, CANTOR, DANCE, “The Wreck of the Mary DEARE, DURHAM (30A. Duke‘s home), FOUR AM, HEINIE, INTEL, MANANA, MEDIAN, MONACO, NO PAR and NO SIR, OTERI, “But will it play in PEORIA?”, RAPIDS, SANA’A (34A. Yemen‘s capital), SAHIB, SASHAY, SCENE V, SEE IN, “The King’s SPEECH”, TABOR, TOWNIE.

Short stuff — ACDC (58D. “Highway to Hell“ band), APB, ARA and ARI and “My lips ARE sealed”, “BAH! Humbug!”, BBL, BVD, ERAS, ERNE, ESAU, IAMB (27A. Vermont but not New Hampshire, e.g.?), IRS, LENA, LISTS, LUC, MET, MOOT, NEON, NIX, NNE, “…NOR a lender be“, NSA, OAS and OSS, OBI-Wan, ODO, OF NO concern, OMS, ONE D, POR, RAN and RAP, RARA avis, SAS and SAX, SHOE (52A. It’s a little longer than a foot), STD, TIA, TOYS, USH.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. OPEC units: Abbr.; 8. Bruckner and Chekhov; 15. No longer worth debating; 17. Enterprise captain Jean-___ Picard; 20. D-Day carriers: Abbr.; 22. ___ vis; 23. L.A.-to-Butte direction; 31. In Act I, it begins “Enter Ghost and Hamlet”; 33. Welcome at the door; 37. Avg.; 44. Polite refusal; 45. Small drum; 49. Walk with flair; 51. Gambling mecca; 57. Mexican aunt; 59. Linear, for short; 60. Sea eagle; 65. Post-W.W.II alliance; 66. White water; 67. Gay Nineties and Roaring Twenties; 68. Prefix with meter; 70. Actress Olin. — DOWN: 4. Some chants; 5. Closing hour for most N.Y.C. bars; 6. Like some stock; 7. Cheri formerly of “S.N.L.”; 8. Broadcast I n a manhunt, in brief; 9. Extra-bright, as a color; 10. Community resident not affiliated with its local college; 12. Veto; 13. Jazz instrument, for short; 19. Headed up; 21. Sir, in colonial India; 25. Procrastinator’s mantra; 26. Biblical twin; 28. Intersected; 29. Hanes alternative; 32. Rabbi’s co-worker; 34. Carrier to Copenhagen; 35. Jackie’s #2; 39. Santa’s bagful; 40. School social; 41. W.W. II spy org.; 46. “Cheers” setting; 50. Rear; 51. Mean alternative; 55. “___ Inside” (ad catchphrase); 61. Recipient of much Apr. 15 mail; 62. Bum ___; 63. Seat, informally; 64. Subj. of the book “The Puzzle Palace”.

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