05.06.11 — Nowheresville

Timbuktu, 1853, by an unknown artist


Friday, May 6, 2011

Puzzle by Natan Last / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Gold watches, e.g., BLING BLING; 11. Natters, YAKS; 15. Cause of slacking off at school, SENIORITIS; 16. Inaugural feature, OATH; 17. Boardwalk buy, ITALIAN ICE; 18. Iris holder, UVEA; 19. “Singin’ in the Rain” co-director, DONEN; 20. Hard, SEVERELY; 22. Chemical suffix, ENE; 23. Minnie Mouse’s dog, FIFI; 26. Linda of Broadway, EDER; 27. Japanese port, KOBE; 28. Glass house, of sorts, ANT FARM; 31. Little fight, SKIRMISH; 34. Forcefulness, VIGOR; 35. The moon is DOWN; I have not heard the clock”: “Macbeth”; 36. Pry, SNOOP; 38. See 41-Across, REST; 39. Bear, ABIDE; 41. Never stopping to 38-Across, TIRELESS; 43. Dodge trucks, DAKOTAS; 45. Start of something, SEED; 46. Pond youngsters, EFTS; 47. She punished Echo, HERA; 48. Kelly Clarkson’s record label, RCA; 51. Nowheresville, TIMBUKTU; 54. Hung out, maybe, DRIED; 56. Like skating rinks, typically, OVAL; 57. “The nerve!”, SOME PEOPLE; 60. Indiana town that’s home to the International Circus Hall of Fame, PERU; 61. Exposer of Standard Oil during the Progressive era, IDA TARBELL; 62. Desde Madrid a Mallorca, ESTE; 63. All business, NO NONSENSE.

Down — 1. “Revolution” or “P.S. I Love You”, B SIDE; 2. Pretend, LET ON; 3. Dumb, INANE; 4. Lord Nelson, the Hero of the NILE; 5. Particularly like, GO IN FOR; 6. Top piece, BRA; 7. Vietnam War Memorial designer Maya, LIN; 8. Formal response to “Who’s there?”, IT IS I; 9. “Well played!”, NICE; 10. Powerful economic coalition, formerly, G SEVEN; 11. TV catchphrase starting in 2004, YOU’RE FIRED; 12. 4.0’s, A AVERAGES; 13. “Super Hits” company, KTEL; 14. Rural carriage, SHAY; 21. 1999 Ron Howard satire, ED TV; 24. Apples might be compared to them, IBMS; 25. Bluffs, FEINTS; 27. Classic Miles Davis album, KIND OF BLUE; 28. What Richard III offer “my kingdom” for, A HORSE; 29. “Friends” friend, ROSS; 30. “Rocky III” actor, MR T; 31. Japanese noodle, SOBA; 32. Where Buzz Cola is sold, KWIK-E-MART; 33. “SO I Married an Axe Murderer” (Mike Myers film); 35. DAD-blasted; 37. Lady, e.g., PEER; 40. Accusatory words, ET TU; 4. Heads, LEADERS; 44. Doesn’t slam the door on, maybe, ASKS IN; 47. HUMAN nature; 48. Get fully ready, RIPEN; 49. Organules, e.g., CELLS; 50. One-named singer with the 2010 hit “Rolling in the Deep”, ADELE; 51. Raise one’s spirits?, TOPE; 52. “A Little Bitty Tear” singer, 1962, IVES; 53. List heading, TO DO; 58. W.W. II inits., ETO; 59. Camera angle shift, PAN.


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Anonymous said...

Just because I know you are a perfectionist, I wanted to alert you that while it is correct in the image, you have 21 down as Mr. Ed above the image. I am not really sure that my favorite talking horse would translate to 1999's movie-going audience. The answer is EdTV.

DONALD said...


Text typo corrected. Thanks.