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Sidney Lumet in the play "Journey to Jerusalem", 1940


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Puzzle by David J. Kahn / Edited by Will Shortz

SIDNEY LUMET is the subject of this Wednesday crossword tribute, including the films of PRINCE OF THE CITY (7D. 1981), SERPICO (4D. 1973), DOG DAY AFTERNOON (37A. 1975), FAIL SAFE (23- 55A. 1964), Murder on the ORIENT Express (20A. 1974), and 12 ANGRY Men ( 28A. 1957), along with D. W. GRIFFITH Award, (honor for Lumet for lifetime achievement), NEW YORK (A frequent location of Sidney Lumet movies), AL PACINO (11D. Star of Serpico and Dog Day Afternoon) and LOT and SET (Workplace for the director).

Other — BARREL, BRONZE, DOTING, ELEMIS (49D. Varnish resins), ENRAGE, I’M EASY, JULIETS, MON AMI, OBERON, O PATRIA MIA (65A. With 66-Across, “Aida” aria), OVERMAN, PAGODA, PRE-LAW, TOY CAR, WILIEST, YEAGER (29D. Test pilot Chuck).

Short stuff — ABES, ABO, AGE, AMC, ARCS, ASH, ASTIR, AXIAL (31A. Like some symmetry), AZO dye, BEE, BIC, CASH, DANAE (40D. Mother of Perseus), DES Plaines, EAR, ERO and ERNO, ETAL, EVITA, FAR, FIXON, GET, GOBI ISAK, ISR, JON, LEN, NAH, NOLO, OBI, ONT, PBA, PHI, POD, REBA, REL, RUN A temperature, RYE, SEINE, SOSA, SOWN, SUPE, TREE, TRIB, UEY, UND.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Bean holder; 4. 58-/46-Across movie (1973); 11. Actuarial stat; 14. Blood type letters; 15. Provide with too much staffing; 16. Workplace for 58-/46-Across); 17. Figure out; 18. Most slippery; 19. Strike force?: Abbr.; 20. “Murder on the ___ Express,” 58-/46-Across movie (1974); 22. “Hmm, don’t think so”; 23. With 55-Across, 58-/46-Across movie (1964); 24. Lisbon lady; 25. Pinbal paths; 27. Lighter brand; 28. “12 ___ Men,” 58-/46-Across (1975); 42. Annoy, and then some; 43 Kind of surgeon; 44. Fishing net; 45. Upsilon’s follower; 46. See 58-Across; 51. Start to cry?; 52. Musical McEntire; 54. Defendant’s plea, briefly; 55. See 23-Across; 57. Jiffy; 58. With 46-Across, late legendary director); 60. Butterfly wrapping?; 61 Actress Mills and others; 63. Cable inits.; 64. Workplace for 58-/46-Across; 66. See 65-Across; 67. Gray shade; 68. Frequent location of 58-/46-Across movies; 69. Where Oskar Schindler is buried: Abbr. — DOWN: 1. Tiered tower; 2. Titania’s husband; 3. Being to affectionate; 4. Planted; 5. Best Musical of 1980; 6. Sunday subj.?; 7. 58-/46-Across movie (1981); 8. “No matter what you choose for me is fine”; 9. Bills and coins; 10. It borders Lake Huron: Abbr.; 11. Star of 4- and 37-Across; 12. Dry stretch in Mongolia; 13. List space saver; 21. Listener; 23. Choose definitely; 27. Gun part; 33. Author Deighton; 35. Toast type; 36. Spell-off; 38. Wedded; 39. D.W. ___ Award, honor for 58-/46-Across for lifetime achievement; 41. Chi-town read, with “the”; 45. Future attorney’s field of study; 47. “Tristan __ Isolde”; 48. Friendly term, to a Parisian; 50. Hot Wheels product; 53. Moving; 55. Slugger Sammy; 56. Fivers; 57. Caretaker, for short; 59. Writer Dinesen; 61. Funny Stewart; 62. Ranch add-on.

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