05.23.11 — Lucky Monday

Looking up at the Blarney Stone, Ireland
Luck or fortuity is good or bad fortune in life caused by accident or chance, and attributed by some to reasons of faith or superstition, which happens beyond a person's control. ~ Wikipedia


Monday, May 23, 2011

Puzzle by Steve Salitan / Edited by Will Shortz

GOOD / LUCK (28D. With 37-Down, what 17-, 24-, 47- and 58-Across are all said to bring), NUMBER SEVEN (17A. Mickey Mantle wore it), SHOOTING STAR (24A. One who’s an overnight success), BLARNEY STONE (47A. Much-kissed rock) and RABBIT’S FOOT (58A. Common key chain adornment) are the interrelated group of this welcome Monday crossword.

Other — GAMUTS (28A. Full ranges), FINAGLE (10D. Achieve through trickery), MASS MARKET (30D. Not a niche audience), MINERAL (42D. 20 Questions category), POINT COUNT (11D. Bridge hand assessment), TAKES FOR (40D. Supposes to be), TO BE SURE (4D. “No doubt”), TSK TSK (46A. “For shame!”).

Five-letter — AGILE, APNEA, AT SEA (12D. Bamboozled), BEAME, BLITZ, BOGEY, CREST, ELIOT, G CLEF, GISMO (6D. Thingamajig), HOW-TO, IONIC, IRANI, IRATE, LANAI, LARGE, LATTE, LOBES, MAGEE (42A. Irish-born Tony winner Patrick), MAIZE, MANIC, MOLAR (13D. Back biter?), OMARS, RELIC, SABLE, TRASH, TRIES.

Short stuff — Long, long AGO, ALUM, AMID, ARR, BIB, DDS, ENE and ETE and EWE, ETCH, HAZE, Shaker HTS., O, IMS, INK, ISL (19A. Crete or Curaçao: Abbr.), IT IS (36D. “Really?”), LAV, LENS, LOIS, MSN, NEMO, OIL, OISE (38A. Seine tributary), OONA, OTO, PAM, PSI, RIOS (18D. Amazon and Orinoco, to natives), SIT, SMEE, SOLE, RIOS, TAE, TIME, TORT, TUTU, ZIT.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Foamy coffee order; 6. Treble sign; 11. Popular cooking spray; 14. Ness of “The Untouchables”; 15. Tehran native; 16. Plains tribe; 20. “Peter Pan” pirate; 21. Online chat components, for short; 22. Sleeper’s breathing problem; 31. Archaeological find; 32. Actor Sharif and others; 33. Former New York mayor Abe; 35. Petroleum; 39. Do-it-yourselfer’s genre; 40. Black Swan” attire; 41. Cavity filler’s deg.; 43. Frenzied; 44. Indian corn; 51. The “L” in XXL; 52. Airport monitor abbr.; 53. Only; 57. Common breast-pocket stain; 62. ___ Bo (exercise system); 63. Able to dance a jig, say; 64. Kind of column; 65. Spot concealed by makeup, maybe; 66. Ear features; 67. Garbage. — DOWN: 1. Microscope part; 2. ‘10 grad now, e.g.; 3. A metronome keeps it; 5. Summer on the Seine; 7. Peak of a wave; 8. John; 9. Reverse of WSW; 23. Pitchfork-shaped letter; 26. Really ticked; 27. Paxar’s “Finding ___”; 29. Surrounded by; 33. One over par; 34. Ram’s mate; 39. Smog, e.g.; 43. AOL alternative; 45. Country sharing a long border with Chile: Abbr.; 46. Civil wrong; 47. Sudden charge in football; 48. Hawaiian veranda; 49. Valuable fur; 50. Hears, as a case; 54. Mrs. Chaplin; 55. Clark’s gal in “Superman”; 56. Make an impression?; 60. Baby’s dinner wear; 61. Command to Fido.

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