05.21.11 — It Comes and Goes

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Puzzle by Barry C. Silk / Edited by Will Shortz

The 2011 end times prediction states that the Rapture will take place today, May 21, 2011 at 6 p.m., so let’s get this over with quick!

Across — 1. It may flow on a ranch, MANE; 5. Bank statement abbr., DEP; 8. Colorless, ALBINO; 14. Online multiplayer gaming service, XBOX LIVE; 16. Start to smell, in a way, MILDEW; 17. French chef’s specialty, COQ AU VIN; 18. Awkward way to be caught, IN A LIE; 19. Sharing of thoughts on a TV show?, VULCAN MIND MELD; 21. Adjoin, MEET; 22. He said Beat literature “isn’t writing at all - it’s typing”, CAPOTE; 23. Sounds of feigned sympathy, AWS; 24. “I SEE NO point …”; 26. Vancouver is on it: Abbr., PST; 29. They may be eaten near the front, RATIONS; 31. The “th” in “the,” e.g., DIGRAPH; 35. “Yea, verily”, IT IS SO; 36. One of a couple at a baby shower, BOOTIE; 37. One of three Belgian kings, LEOPOLD; 39. It’s not long in going down a mountain, MINI SKI; 40. Something to dispense with, URN; 41. Get by, EVADE; 43. Happy cry, YES; 44. Town house alternative, DUPLEX; 47. Hall of Sachsen, ACHT; 48. Bird feeder protector, SQUIRREL BAFFLE; 53. Powers on one’s screen?, AUSTIN; 54. Melodious pets, CANARIES; 56. Like many houseplants, daily, MISTED; 57. Kind of file, READ ONLY; 58. Beach activity, STROLL; 59. Tiny morsel, ORT; 60. Practice period: Abbr., SESS.

Down — 1. Late 11th-century year, MXC; 2. Solvent, ABOVE WATER; 3. Absolutely, NO QUESTION; 4. Opposite of humble, EXALT; 5. She may try an agent, DIVA; 6. Shows, EVINCES; 7. Author, PENMAN; 8. Essential acid, AMINO; 9. Luxury Swiss chocolatier, LINDT; 10. It’s often shifted, BLAME; 11. Kill time, IDLE; 12. Two-time Hugo Award winner Gaiman, NEIL; 13. Was behind, OWED; 15. 19-season N.H.L.’er Robitaille, LUC; 20. Touch, e.g., IPOD; 21. Player of Elaine on “Taxi”, MARILU; 24. C-worthy, SO SO; 25. Form of pyretic acid, ENOL; 26. “Sentimentally Yours” singer, PATSY CLINE, a song from the album HERE; 27. Femme fatale wear, SPIKE HEELS; 28. Believer, THEIST; 30. DSL purveyer, ISP; 32. Sourcing abbr., IBID; 33. Ruined, GONE; 34. Part of une dynastie, ROI; 38. Get out of a sentence?, DELE; 39. Heavyweight champ before James J. Braddock, MAX BAER; 42. Option for sneakers, VELCRO; 44. “Put me down, too”, DITTO; 45. Angel of the south wind, URIEL; 46. Shifting letters, PRNDL; 47. Big tops?, AFROS; 48. Costco competitor, casually, SAMS; 49. Pull out, QUIT; 50. Erstwhile empire, in brief, USSR; 51. Operator’s concern: Abbr., ANAT; 52. It comes and goes, FAD; 55. Procedure: Abbr., SYS.

See you on the other side!


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