05.13.11 — Triskaidekaphobia


Friday, May 13, 2011

Puzzle by Joe Krozel / Edited by Will Shortz

This Friday the 13th crossword has a mild case of triskaidekaphobia, a fair amount of SUPERSTITION (1-Across [See blurb]), and is accompanied by the following:  Note: Every length of answer from 3 to 15 letters - except one - appears in this puzzle. Some people might have a 1-Across about that. What remains beyond is everyday and not a bit eerie.

15-letters — INSTANT POTATOES (16A. Betty Crocker or Hungry Jack product) and OPTICAL SCANNERS (55A. Reading devices).

14 — BUSINESS DINNER (14A. Deal-making occasion, maybe) and DENTAL SURGEONS (58A. Bridge workers, perhaps).

13 — None. (However, the electronic version, AcrossLite, includes the number 13 and that fact changes all the subsequent clue numbers of the crossword.)

12 — LOST ONE’S EDGE (59A. Wasn’t quite as great as before) and SUPERSTITION.

11 — CALL TO ORDER (38A. Open formally) and INDEFINABLE (30A. Hard to nail down).

9 — IN A CORNER (10D. Trapped) and INTERACTS (30D. Plays with others, for instance).

8 — AL PACINO (36D. “Author! Author!” star, 1982) and ONTARIAN (11D. Mike Myers or Dan Aykroyd, once).

7 — DEFANGS (35A. Takes the bite out of?), EX-ENEMY (37A. Germany vis-à-vis France, e.g.), NO CAN DO (19A. “Impossible“), PANCAKE (49A. Flatten).

6 — BY ROTE (18A. Mechanically), NEGATE (20A. Cancel), PITONS (3D. Climbers’ gear), PUNNED (43D. Made Berne burn?), TINGES (51A. Overtones).

5 — “Are you calling me A LIAR?”, AND SO (21D. “Hence …”), ENATE (4D. Related on the mother’s side), FED ON (31D. Had for a meal), HELLO (47D. “What do we have here?!”), HINGE (48D. Connector with a pivotal role), HONSHU (47A. Island whose name means, literally, “main land”), “What on earth have I DONE?”, INTEL (46D. Pentium source), NEONS (12D. Bygone Dodges), ORSON (23A. Bean, for one).

4 — Staging AREA, BEAR (32D. Certain Wall Street type), ERNE (53D. Sea cliff dweller), EYED (34D. Saw); GEOG (52D. Popular Sporcle subj.), KAAT (50D. Pitcher Jim who was a 16-time Gold Glove winner), LAPD (45D. Grp. In “Die Hard”), LMNO (33D. Alphabet run), MAUS (24A. Ruhr rodent), MMDC (24D. End of the 26th century), PROD (43A. Poker), REDO (15D. Mulligan, say), SUNY (1D. Sch. Syst. With a campus in Buffalo), TITO (9D. One of the Jacksons), USFL (26D. Defunct sports org. with the Denver Gold and Chicago Blitz), USSR (2D. BOAC destination, in song). 

3 — ANE (40A. End of many a fuel source name), APO (44D. Base letters), BIB (14D. Lobster catcher?), CUE (57D. Passport application datum: Abbr.), FRI (28A. Day associated with an unlucky number: Abbr.), HOD (42A. Mortar carrier), IN E (27A. Like Bruckner’s Symphony No. 7), MRS (29A. Certain ring-bearer: Abbr.), PEN (41A. Compose), RHO (39D. A fraternity chapter), SON (17D. Prince, e.g.), SSS and SSN, TEE and TSP.


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