05.14.11 — Riddles

Cleopatra with the Asp c. 1630, a painting byGuido Reni.

With thy sharp teeth this knot intrinsicate
Of life at once untie: poor venomous fool
Be angry, and dispatch.

~ Cleopatra, Act V, scene II, Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Puzzle by Mike Nothnagel / Edited by Will Shortz

It's the Saturday crossword and time to check out The Club:

It’s tough to pinpoint exactly where I crashed and burned on this one ~ Deb Amlin, Wordplay, the house organ blog of The Times

I struggled… ~ Amy Reynaldo, The Fiend

Reeeeealy would've helped today if I knew a lot about wine. ~ Michael Sharp, Rex Parker

It’s all in the clues that have little to do with the answers. ~ Donald, Gothic

Across — 1. Organ appendages, PEDALS; 7. Holds tight, SITS PAT; 14. Soime creepy crawlers, LARVAE; 15. Opening words from a TV news reporter, WE’RE LIVE; 16. Seek, with “to”, ASPIRE; 17. Makes negotiating difficult, in a way, ICES OVER; 18. I can be round or cubed, STEAK; 19. Job for base pay?, GRUNT WORK; 20. Prepares a course for, MAPS; 21. One in la famille, FRERE; 22. Chuang TSE, Chinese philosopher; 23. Animal ordered to “be angry, and dispatch,” in Shakespeare, ASP; 24. Loudspeaker’s sound, BLARE; 25. German region known for viticulture, MOSEL; 27. Items of jewelry, TIE CLIPS; 29. Ghastly, WAN; 30. Mix, VARIETY; 31. Spoiled, GONE BAD; 35. Rec room attire, TEE; 36. Finish line?, GOOD GAME; 37. Weighed down, LADED; 40. Not making sense, CRAZY; 41. Part of speech?: Abbr., SYL; 42. What unsettled people do?, OWE; 43. Believer’s trait, PIETY; 44. Kind of index, HEAT; 45. Words said in disbelief, WHAT GIVES; 48. In a way, informally, KINDA; 49. Way out of a dangerous situation, FIRE EXIT; 50. Where singles congregate in a bar?, TIP JAR; 51. Targets of fact-finding missions?, ALMANACS; 52. Nissan’s first hybrid vehicle, ALTIMA; 53. Shows signs of instability, TEETERS; 54. Item in an actor’s portfolio, GLOSSY.

Down — 1. It’s hung on the wall of a sports bar, PLASMA TV; 2. Home to 1 ½ billion people, EAST ASIA; 3. Product whose name lost its period in the 1950s, DR PEPPER; 4. Some sneakers, AVIAS; 5. Caper, LARK; 6. Match, as a contribution?, SEE; 7. Encrypted, perhaps, SECURE; 8. Broadway musical of 1919 and 1973, IRENE; 9. Give a whirl, TEST; 10. SLOW burn; 11. Some revolutions, PIVOTS; 12. Somewhat hostile, AVERSE; 13. 1985 Pulitzer winner for “The Good War”, TERKEL; 15. Linemen, WIRERS; 19. Inferior, as some wines, GRAPY; 21. Top-FLITE; 24. Not be fast, BLEED; 25. Title woman in a 1975 #1 hit, MANDY; 26. Pull from the ground, quickly?, ONE G; 28. Name, CITE; 29. Lightheaded, WOOZY; 31. Womanizers, GOATS; 32. Barkless dogs, BASENJIS; 33. “Doubt” costar, 2008, AMY ADAMS; 34. Emission in a cloud chamber, DELTA RAY; 36. Receives, GREETS; 37. Diet, maybe, LOW FAT; 38. Some time, AWHILE; 39. “Oh my stars!”, DEAR ME; 40. High-school class, CIVICS; 43. Entertainment giant with a 1995 I.P.O., PIXAR; 44. Savvy about, HIP TO; 46. Milk source, TEAT; 47. Means of inheritance, GENE; 48. Block passage of, KILL; 50. Make it?, TAG.

Riddle me, riddle me, ree;
A little man in a tree;
A stick in his hand,
A stone in his throat,
If you tell me this riddle
I'll give you a groat.

The answer? HERE.


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