05.10.11 — Caught in the Middle

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Puzzle by Alan Arbesfeld / Edited by Will Shortz

A word circle is the main feature of this Tuesday crossword — BALL POINT, POINT GUARD, GUARD DOG (31A. Junkyard‘s security, maybe), DOG HOUSE, HOUSE PAINT, PAINT BALL. Nice!

Other — ADHERE, BLUE JEANS (35D. Casual pants), DATING (8D. Seeing socially), EASES UP, GOTCHA, HARP ON (49D. Talk incessantly about), HERETIC, SALSA BAND, TEAM USA.

Five-letter — Palestinian leader Mahmoud ABBAS, ALERO, ARENA, ARLES, ASSES, ATSEA, BAAED, BRASH, Beethoven’s “Für ELISE“, ENNUI, HEELS, INAWE, LEHAR, LET AT, Magritte’s “L’IDÉE Fixe“, LOPED, LOTUS, NEEDY, ONLOW, ORALB, OWLET, RASTA, ROLES, STAND, STATS (9A. Assists and steals), SWEPT, TABOO, TATAR, UNITE, WE ARE the World”.

Short stuff — ABS, AJAR, Massachusetts’ Cape ANN, ARCH, ATTY, BRA, CPU, ENNE, EST, ETE, GEOS,I GET the picture!”, ILE de France, LAPS, LTD, MEAN, NED and NEE, ODE, ODOR, ORO, OTS, PEDE, PEI, SHAH, SSS, TOWN, UIE, URN.

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Situps tone them; 4. Bounded along; 14. Lingerie buy; 15. Place to play or fight; 16. Sic on; 17. Paper Mate product; 19. One with dreadlocks, perhaps; 20. Obstinate animals; 21. 180, slangily; 23. Stand for; 24. Ruler deposed in 1979; 25. Hoops play maker; 28. Responded sheepishly?; 30. Trackers and Prizms, once; 34. Verboten; 39. Religious dissenter; 42 Former Ford model; 45. Place for one in disfavor, so to speak; 47. St. Louis attraction; 51. Sherwin-Williams offering; 55. Barely open; 58. Feminine ending; 59. Coffee server; 60. Last Oldsmobile made; 63. Indoor or outdoor war game; 66. Yoga position; 67. Young hooter; 68. Once known as; 69. Won all the games in a series; 70. Down on one’s luck; 71. Daft org. DOWN: 2. Full of chutzpah; 3. Entertainment at many a Cuban wedding; 4. Pool units; 5. Guadalajara gold; 6. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame designer; 7. Ho-hum feeling; 9. Camera type, for short; 10. Olympics squad in red, white and blue; 11 Totally baffled; 12. Mongol invader; 13. Put up with; 18. “The Merry Widow” composer Franz; 22. Summer on the Seine; 25. Word ending meaning “foot”; 26. Sign of decay; 27. “Aha!”; 29. Stick fast; 31. Guy’s square-dance partner; 32. Prefix with cycle or sex; 33. Option for a H.S. dropout; 36. Some tiebreakers, briefly; 37. Laudatory lines; 40. Burg; 44. Goes lighter (on); 46. Big name in dental hygiene; 48. Pac’s “brain”; 51, Loaf or loafer parts; 52. At the minimum setting; 53. Form a bloc; 54. Floored; 56. Setting for some van Goghs; 57. Some are walk-on; 60. Court fig.; 62. Superlative finish; 65. ___ Beatty, Oscar nominee for “Network”.

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