05.07.11 — Unclear Saturday

A photograph of Operation Castle thermonuclear test, Castle Romeo


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Puzzle by Tim Croce / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Best-selling jogging advocate, JIM FIXX; 8. Most convenient section of a parking garage usually, LEVEL A; 14. Size of about 16 tennis courts, ONE ACRE; 15. Green light for un hombre, SI SEÑOR; 16. 1963 and 1996 treaty topic, TEST BAN; 17. Fiber optics field, TELECOM; 18. Where to see spots, TVS; 19. They’re shortsighted, MYOPES; 21. Some Asian fighters, ROKS; 22. Olympic gold-medal pentathlete Lehtonen, EERO; 24. “IT’LL turn up”; 26. Cracked, MAD; 27. Sole supporter?, DR SCHOLLS; 31. Somewhat, A MITE; 33. Unlike the opera “Wozzeck”, TONAL; 34. Psychotherapist’s concern, TRAUMA; 35. Like scuba tanks, typically, STRAP ON; 38. Restrain, TRAMMEL; 39. Show some fear, QUIVER; 40. 16-Across concern, briefly, H BOMB; 41. You might have to fight them, URGES; 42. Barbecue side dish, BEAN SALAD; 46. Hollywood’s Lee, ANG; 47. Kind of defense, ORAL; 49. Main campus site of the University of the South Pacific, SUVA; 50. Zip across Corsica?, RIEN; 52. Big money maker, U S MINT; 56. A number of perfect people?, TEN; 57. Not clear, IN DOUBT; 59. Postal activity, ROUTING; 61. What an Arabian may command, STUD FEE; 62. Designer with the Night of Fancy fragrance, ANNA SUI; 63. Joins the bandwagon?, HOPS ON; 64. Kiss, e.g., QUARTET.

Down — 1. Like many barely legible notes, JOTTED; 2. Slight reaction?, I NEVER; 3. Lead-in to multiple last names, MESSRS; 4. Waist-ful?, FAT; 5. Titan, e.g., ICBM; 6. Aid in finding a break, X RAY; 7. Strange beginning?, XENO; 7. Von Trapp girl who’s “sixteen going on seventeen”, LIESL; 9. What an issei might enroll in: Abbr., ESL; 10. Fork (off), VEER; 11. Lofty praise, ENCOMIUM; 12. Show-off’s shout, LOOK AT ME; 13. Fighter jets might be in it, ARMS DEAL; 15. Leaves alone, in a way, STETS; 20. Tab, PILL; 23. Jump on a staff, maybe, OCTAVE; 25. They moved to St. Louis in ‘95, L A RAMS; 28. “Fingers crossed!”, HOPE SO; 29. ON OR near; 30. 17-Across hookup, LAN; 32. Deadly African tree-dwellers, MAMBAS; 34. High-tech gadgetry suffix, TRON; 35. Boxy, SQUARISH; 36. Become, TURN INTO; 37. Threw together, RIGGED UP; 38. Up in the air, for short, TBA; 40. Leadership position, HELM; 42. Wallop, BASTE; 43. Many a troubadour, LUTIST; 44. Way in, AVENUE; 45. “Shoot!”, DANG IT; 48. Blades of song and film, RUBEN; 51. Gives a heady response?, NODS; 53. 2000s service site, IRAQ; 54. Bourgeois, to a Brit, NONU; 55. Fancy Feast choice, TUNA; 58. Sky light?, UFO; 60. Bitumen alternative, TIN.


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