05.29.11 — H / H — the Diagramless

The legendary house where the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock movie "Psycho" was filmed.
Tourists still flock to see the house on the Universal Studios lot in Hollywood.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

DIAGRAMLESS Crossword by Patrick Blindauer /
Edited by Will Shortz

Look for that big blank H in the center of the completed puzzle!

HAMMER HOME (16A. Drive in, as a point), HEAD OVER HEELS (29A. Topsy-turvy), HAS THE HOTS FOR (51A. Is wild about), HIS AND HERS (67A. Towel words), HAUNTED HOUSE (12D. Amusement park feature), HEART TO HEART (25D. Meaningful chat) constitute the interrelated group of this Sunday diagramless crossword.

Other Across — 1. Conditional words, IFS; 4. Successor to J.F.K., LBJ; 7. Film hero with a sword, ZORRO; 12. HAUT monde (high society); 13. Parched, ARID; 15. “Love Story” co-star, O’NEAL; 18. Gently jab, NUDGE; 19. Computer accessory, MOUSEPAD; 20. Places for paperweights, DESKS; 22. Part of A.D., ANNO; 23. Like some colors, PRIMARY; 25. Five-star general Arnold HAP; 28. “Bosh!”, ROT; 32. Garbo of “The Kiss”, GRETA; 34. Ayatollah ALI Khamenei; 35. Un-P.C. purchases?, IMACS; 36. Buzzes, e.g., DOS; 37. N.Y.C.’s Washington HTS; 38. Politico Ross PEROT; 39. SHIH Tzu; 40. Sp. Miss, SRTA; 41. Garlicky sauce, AIOLI; 42. Abbr. in a personal ad SWF; 45 Trade for tat, TIT; 46. What a crossword maker writes last, CLUES; 47. “Bali HA'I”; 48. Run to a chapel, say, ELOPE; 56. It may be smoked, HAM; 57. Back to Brooklyn?, ESE; 58. “To continue …”, NOW THEN; 59. Actress Garr, TERI; 60. “Darn it!”, SHOOT; 62. You might step outside for it, FRESH AIR; 64. “Pearly Shells” singer, DON HO; 69. Being pulled, IN TOW; 70. Part of A.A.A.: Abbr., AMER; 71. Present, GIFT; 72. Word before and after “to”, ASHES; 73. Dutch ELM disease; 74. “Mangia!”, EAT.

Down — 1. “You are not!” retort, I AM SO; 2. Smolder, FUME; 3. Treeless plain, STEPPE; 4. Hoity-toity, LA DI DAH; 5. Sis’s sib, BRO; 6. “Garfield” creator, JIM DAVIS; 7. Pass (out), ZONK; 8. Burden, ONUS; 9. Part of Roy G. Biv, RED; 10. Scott Joplin piece, RAG; 11. “Hurrah!”, OLE; 14. Combine company, DEERE; 16. Middle word of West Point’s motto, HONOR; 17. RARA avis; 19. Actress Helgenberger, MARG; 21. Land under Saladin’s command, once: Abbr., SYR; 24. Shed, MOLT; 27. Scalper’s whisper, PSST; 29. It may be smoked, HAM; 30. Cool cat, HIPSTER; 31. “Bam!” man Lagasse, EMERIL; 33. “Throne”, TOILET; 39. “SILAS Marner: The Weaver of Raveloe”; 41. It’s a pain, ACHE; 42. Cinemax competitor, SHOWTIME; 43. James who worked under pressure?, WATT; 44. Aquaculture facility, FISH FARM; 49. The City of Light, PARIS; 52. Brian once known for art rock, ENO; 53. Big to-do, HOO HA; 54. Many an office plant, FERN; 55. Touchy, ON EDGE; 59. Jean Valjean’s crime in “Les Misérables”, THEFT; 60. Flat, e.g., SHOE; 61. “HOW’S business?”; 63. LeBeouf of “Constantine”, SHIA; 64. Division of una semana, DIA; 65. Turn-ONS (arousers); 66. NTH degree; 68. Somme salt, SEL.


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