07.21.13 — Artful Thinking

Circus Sideshow, 1887-88, Georges Seurat
"Circus Sideshow" (or "Parade de Cirque") is one of six major figure paintings that Seurat produced during his short career. More compact than his other mural-size compositions, and more mysterious in its allure, Seurat's first nocturnal painting debuted at the 1888 Salon des Indépendants in Paris. On a balustraded stage, under the misty glow of nine twinkling gaslights, a ring master (at right) and musicians (at left) play to a crowd of potential ticket buyers, whose assorted hats add a wry and rhythmic note to the foreground. ~ The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Sunday, July 21, 2013
Artful Thinking, Crossword by Tracy Bennett
Edited by Will Shortz 

Eight puns utilizing the names of artists constitute the interrelated group of this Sunday crossword: 

WADE IN THE WATTEAU (23A. Artist’s favorite spiritual?)
‘TIS THE CÉZANNE (43A. Christmas song line from an artist?)
HELLO DALI (68A. Artist’s favorite Broadway musical?)
QUE SERA SEURAT (89A. Artist’s expression for “Such is life”?)
WITH FLYING KAHLOS (112A. How the expert artist passed her exam?)
HERE WE GAUGUIN (15D. Artist’s line of weary resignation?)
ONE TOO MANET (41D. What the tipsy artist had at the bar?)
SMOKE AND MIROS (56D. What the artist confused people with)



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