07.26.13 — Who?

Roger Daltrey of The Who, 1975


Friday, July 26, 2013

Puzzle by Brendan Emmett Quigley / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. First rock band whose members received Kennedy Center Honors, THE WHO; 7. Jiffy, SNAP; 11. Shade of black, JET; 14. Fix, in carpentry, RENAIL; 15. Undoubtedly, TO BE SURE; 17. Dropped a line?, ANGLED; 18. Olympians’ food, AMBROSIA; 19. Figures for investors, YIELDS; 20. Animal that catches fish with its forepaws, SEA OTTER; 21. Ward on a set, SELA; 22. Shade of gray, ASH; 24. Work ETHIC; 25. Annual with deep-pink flowers, COWHERB; 28. Miles off, AFAR; 30. Tailor, ALTER; 33. Part of the Dept. of Labor, OSHA; 34. All-Star Martinez, TINO; 35. “Guys and Dolls” composer/lyricist, LOESSER; 37. Like dirty clothes, often, IN A HEAP; 39. Secondary: Abbr., ASST.; 40. The muscle of a muscle car, maybe, V-TEN; 42. Soup scoop, LADLE; 43. Fill, SATE; 44. Abba’s genre, EUROPOP; 46. “Alice” actress, Linda LAVIN; 48. Kyrgzstan’s second-largest city, OSH; 49. Game discs, POGS; 53. Uncopiable say, PATENTED; 55. Quick session for a band, ONE SET; 57. Springsteen hit with the lyric “Only you can cool my desire”, I’M ON FIRE; 58. Noted graffiti artist, BANKSY; 59. Viking, e.g., NORSEMAN; 60. Philosophize, say, IDEATE; 61. Strike leader?, ESS; 62. Breather, REST; 63. Trained groups, CADRES.

Down — 1. Sights at the dentist’s office, TRAYS; 2. Three-time Olympic skating gold medalist, HENIE; 3. Georgia ENGEL of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”; 4. 1955 Pulitzer-winning poet, WALLACE STEVENS; 5. Rushed, HIED; 6. Maxim, OLD SAW; 7. Pot and porn magazines, typically, STASHED; 8. Norton Sound city, NOME; 9. Diplomat who wrote “The Tide of Nationalism”, ABA EBAN; 10. Reform Party founder, PEROT; 11. Legitimate, JUSTIFIED; 12. Construction project that began in Rome, ERIE CANAL; 13. Rush, TEAR; 16. “Yeah … anyway”, SO THAT HAPPENED; 23. Ultra sound?, SHORT U; 26. Boolean operators, ORS; 27. Charging things?, RHINOS; 29. Ensnare, with “in”, ROPE; 30. “It wasn’t meant to be”, ALAS; 31. Literally, “the cottonwoods”, LOS ALAMOS; 32. Those with will power?, TESTATORS; 36. Exactly 10 seconds for the 100-yard dash, EVEN TIME; 38. Spanish greeting, ALO; 41. Tending to wear away, ERODENT; 45. Illogically afraid, PHOBIC; 47. Draw (from), INFER; 50. Actor Werner of “The Spy Who Came in From the Cold”, OSKAR; 51. Heroic tale, GESTE; 52. Lid afflictions, STYES; 53. Cleaner fragrance, PINE; 54. They’re sometimes named after presidents, ERAS; 56. Squat, NADA.


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1 comment:

geoff said...

1. A geste may indeed be an element in a heroic tale, but is not itself a tale of any sort.

2. The correct clue for 41 down would be: Computer mouse?