07.28.13 — Ford

Henry Ford, 1919


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Puzzle by Andrew Reynolds / Edited by Will Shortz

HENRY FORD, 150 years old on this Tuesday, and the MODEL T are featured in this Sunday crossword:

HENRY FORD (5D. Business titan born July 30, 1863)
MODEL T (116A. 5-Down unit)
TIN LIZZIE (78D. 116-Across, colloquially)
MASS-PRODUCED (62A. Like the 116-Across)
ASSEMBLY LINE (57D. 5-Down innovation)
CONVEYER BELT (16D. Feature of a 57-Down)
NYSE (85D. Where 5-Down’s company gets an “F”?)

The down circled/shaded squares are assembled in sequence, M, MO, MOD, MODE, MODEL and the complete MODEL T.

Henry Ford standing by his Model T

Other — ALAMO DOME (52A. Texas athletic site), ART MODELL (95A. N.F.L. owner who moved the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore in 1996), DWARVES (28A. Short race?), HOMELAND (3D. 2012 Emmy winner for Outstanding Drama Series),  LASER BEAM (10D. Light show light), LORRE (94D. “The Big Bang Theory” co-creator Chuck), METEOROID (76D. Space rock, maybe), NEVERMORE (31A. Opposite of eternally), ORIENT and ORNATE, SARTRE (47D. He wrote “I exist, that is all, and I find it nauseating“), SIMONE (114A. “Feeling Good“ chanteuse), SLEEP MODE (73A. A computer may be in it).


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