07.07.13 — Bonus Features

Abraham Lincoln under construction,
frame from “Making Mt Rushmore” documentary
Gutzon Borglum designer/sculptor


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bonus Features, Puzzle by Joel Fagliano / Edited by Will Shortz

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE (70A. Infomercial line .. With a hint to 10 answers in this puzzle) plus the ten answers constitutes the interrelated group of this tidy Sunday crossword:

FILL/MORE (1D. President who was not elected)
MOUNT RUSH/MORE (6D. It’s known for its big busts)
ALUMINU/MORE (10D. Bauxite, e.g.)
SOPHO/MORE (22D. Second or tenth, in a way)
BALTI/MORE (61A. Sun spot?)
SWARTH/MORE (65D. College near Philadelphia)
TELL ME / MORE (67D. “Go on …”)
LESS IS / MORE (108A. Minimalist’s philosophy)
THAT’S A/MORE (110A. Dean Martin classic)
MACKLE/MORE (106D. White rapper with two #1 hits)

The Chimera on a red-figure Apulian plate, c. 350–340 BC (Musée du Louvre)

Other — AHA (125D. What this puzzle may make you say), ANIMATION (2D. Oscar feature subject since 2001), APOSTROPHE (128A. Will-o’-the-wisp feature), BROKE INTO (87D. Entered violently), DESTROYER (88D. U.S.S. Ward, e.g.), LIMOUSINES (21A. Long rides?), LION (45A Front part of a chimera), MOTOR HOME (3D. Snowbird’s vehicle, maybe), NAMIB (33D. Oldest desert in the world), PARANORMAL (121A. Spirited?), TERRORIST (85D. Many an action movie villain), UP TO NO GOOD (25A. Like a mischief-maker).

The more stuff in it, the busier the work of art, the worse it is. More is less. Less is more. The eye is a menace to clear sight. The laying bare of oneself is obscene. Art begins with the getting rid of nature. ~ Art as Art: The Selected Writings of Ad Reinhardt


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