07.13.13 — The Saturday Crossword

A frozen giant squid in Melbourne Aquarium


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Puzzle by Byron Walden / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Back order?, REMAND; 7. Main means of defense?, SQUID INK; 15. First city bombed in W.W. II’s Baedeker Blitz, EXETER; 16. Opted to duck, PUNTED ON; 17. 1954 Audie Murphy western, DESTRY; 18. Prom amenity, LIMO RIDE; 19. It comes with lots of extras, CROWD SCENE; 21. “Every hero becomes a BORE at last”: Emerson; 22. W’s is 74, AT NO; 23. Not hunched over, ERECT; 24. Biased writing?: Abr., ITAL; 25. Pounded side, POI; 26. Scrooge’s portrayer in “The Muppet Christmas Carol”, CAINE; 27. Soul, ANIMA; 28. Pens, ENCLOSES; 30. Jaguar, for one, BIG CAT; 31. Classic brand in men’s apparel, IZOD; 32. Occur; FALL; 33. Occur, HAPPEN; 36. Christ the REDEEMER (Rio de Janeiro landmark); 40. Grace, ADORN; 41. Small, round and shiny, BEADY; 42. Letters on some overseas packages, APO; 43. Person taking drugs, MULE; 44. Dark green?, LUCRE; 45. Automotive plural selected in a 2011 promotion, PRII; 46. Court position, PLEA; 47. They’re off on casual Fridays, DRESS SUITS; 49. TANDOORI chicken; 51. Indignant denial, I AM NOT; 52. Frozen treat with Alexander the Grape as one of its flavors, OTTER POP; 53. 2010 U.S. open winner McDowell, GRAEME; 54. Setting of the Levant, NEAR EAST; 55. Tito’s successor as head of the Non-Aligned Movement, NASSER.

Down — 1. Superman accessory, RED CAPE; 2. Apply to, EXERT ON; 3. Of pions and kaons, MESONIC; 4. When clocks are set back for the end of daylight saving time, AT TWO; 5. Pi Day celebrant, perhaps, NERD; 6. Late October to March, in West Africa, DRY SEASON; 7. Malaria enlarges them, SPLEENS; 8. It might be in a jam, QUINCE; 9. Not satisfied, UNMET; 10. ITO Midori on ice; 11. “White Christmas” singer, informally, DER BINGLE; 12. Beyond silly, IDIOTIC; 13. Obama descriptor, NO DRAMA; 14. Show reverence to, in a way, KNEEL AT; 20. Called out, CRIED; 26. Deceive, COZEN; 27. “Revelations, choreographer, AILEY; 29. Expert in facial recognition?, LIP READER; 30. Recall reason, BAD DESIGN; 32. They may be stocked, FEARS; 33. Jazz legend who turned the Benny Goodman Trio into the Benny Goodman Quartet, HAMPTON; 34. Worship, ADULATE; 35. Cornmeal mush, POLENTA; 36. It often comes with a “Thank You”, RECEIPT; 37. Devil dogs, MARINES; 38. Height, EPITOME; 39. Whoop it up, ROISTER; 41. Unpaid mine workers, BURROS; 44. One of two components of the drug Sinemet, L-DOPA; 45. Some athletic shoes, PUMAS; 48. Manhattan’s SARA D. Roosevelt Park; 50. A heavy metal band may have it, ORE.


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