07.19.13 — Quo Vadis?

Remains of the Appian Way in Rome, near Quarto Miglio
Friday, July 19, 2013
Puzzle by Patrick Berry / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Winning smile, e.g., ASSET; 6. International cricket event, TEST MATCH; 15. Too-familiar, STALE; 16. Road built during the Samnite Wars, APPIAN WAY; 17. Press conference segment, Q AND A; 18. Game ender, possibly, RAIN STORM; 19. Working for, UNDER; 20. Republican who won Bentsen’s vacated Senate seat, HUTCHISON; 21. Band with a person’s name, ID BRACELET; 23. 1970 Kinks album title starter, LOLA; 24. Afternoon reception, TEA; 25. Orange growers, TREES; 26. Joe who was retired in 1997, CAMEL; 27. Folk medicine plant, HERB; 29. Music genre prefix, ALT; 30. Clears the mind, with “up”, SOBERS; 31. Chow, EATS; 33. Chase off, SHOO; 34. “Things Fall Apart” novelist, ACHEBE; 37. Escort, as to the door, SEE; 38. What the name “Rhoda” means, ROSE; 42. Trying minors, BRATS; 43. What repellent might prevent, BITES; 45. New Deal program, for short, WPA; 46. Heady feeling, RUSH; 47. She and Clark Gable were known as “the team that generates steam”, LANA TURNER; 49. Surrounded with foliage, EMBOWERED; 51. Impressive, as accommodations, REGAL; 62. Player of Sal in “The Godfather”, ABE VIGODA; 53. Call to mind, EVOKE; 54. “Don’t decide right away”, SLEEP ON IT; 55. Parties with mai tais, maybe, LUAUS; 56. Titan’s home, TENNESSEE; 57. Shrill cries, YELPS.
Down — British P.M. when W.W. I began, ASQUITH; 2. One who’s unseated?, STANDEE; 3. Land line?, SANDBAR; 4. Tribal bigwig, ELDER; 5. Claw, TEAR AT; 6. Five-time N.C.A.A. basketball champs from the A.C.C., TAR HEELS; 7. Uniform ornament, EPAULET; 8. Thwarts for pett reasons, SPITES; 9. Add color to, TINCT; 10. 1968 novel set in Korea, MASH; 11. Opposed to the union, say, ANTI-LABOR; 12. Couple, TWOSOME; 13. Performer on the road?, CAROLER; 14. Note books used in church?, HYMNALS; 23. Stevedore’s burden, CRATE; 26. Gentle murmur, COO; 28. “Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman” speaker, BEETHOVEN; 30. Undercover item?, SHEET; 32. Exercise target, ABS; 33. Begin planning the nuptials, SET A DATE; 34. Way to talk while conversing, ABREAST; 35. Fall apart, CRUMBLE; 36. Fallen star, HAS BEEN; 37. How Congress might adjourn, SINE DIE; 39. Major error in soccer, OWN GOAL; 40. “Louder!”, SPEAK UP; 41. Seal classification, EARLESS; 42. Magna Carta’s drafters, BARONS; 44. Without doubt, SURELY; 47. Largely hollow bricks, LEGOS; 48. Flo Ziegfeld offering, REVUE; 50. Erase, WIPE.


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