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Friday, July12, 2013

Puzzle by Matt Ginsberg / Edited by Will Shortz

DRIVERS, along with KEY PURE ICE UNDER OWED (Keep your eyes on the road) provides a bit of a jolt to this otherwise free-wheeling Friday crossword.

Across — 1. “Not much at all for me, please”, JUST A DROP; 10. Bare, STARK; 15. Director Michelangelo ANTONIONI; 16. Big name in movie theaters, REGAL; 17. What gets the shaft?, CRANKCASE; 18. Struck, as by God, SMOTE; 19. *Basketball area, KEY; 20. Unlike Iago, HONEST; 22. *100%, PURE; 23. Not run, maybe, PASS; 25. Co. that introduced Dungeons & Dragons, TSR; 26. Cane material, RATTAN; 28. Abhorrent, ODIOUS; 30. Symbol of modesty, VEIL; 32. *Water color, ICE; 33. British critic Kenneth TYNAN who created “Oh! Calcutta!”; 34. Women, old-fashionedly, GENTLE SEX; 36. Bit of flimflam, RUSE; 38. Third place candidate in the 1920 presidential election who ran his campaign from jail, DEBS; 39. Skiing mecca, SWISS ALPS; 43. *Submerged, UNDER; 47. Outwits, HAS; 48. Alternative indicator, ELSE; 49. Ageless, in an earlier age, ETERNE; 50. Portmanteau food brand, OREIDA; 52. Microscopic messenger, RNA; 54. Sets (on), SICS; 55. *Had charges, OWED; 56. Pizarro contemporary, DE SOTO; 59. Cousin of a cistern, VAT; 60. Messed (with), TOYED; 62. Many British mathematicians, MODELLERS; 64. Came (from), AROSE; 65. So that one might, IN ORDER TO; 66. Wood fasteners T-NUTS; 67. Revolutionary invention for restaurants?, LAZY SUSAN.

Down — 1. Something good to hit, JACKPOT; 2. Asleep, say, UNREADY; 3. What an agoraphobe does, STAYS IN; 4. Big load, TON; 5. Symbol of life, ANKH; 6. Daisies and the like, botanically, DICOTS; 7. Stable colors, ROANS; 8. Even or close to even, in a tennis set, ON SERVE; 9. Circlegraph shapes, PIES; 10. ‘14s in ‘14, e.g., SRS; 11. Lead on, TEMPT; 12. Relatives of guinea pigs, AGOUTIS; 13. Grind, RAT RACE; 14. Product that might be used with a blessing, KLEENEX; 21. Like “Have a nice day,” for example, TRITE; 24. Takes off, SOARS; 27. Nearly, ALL BUT; 29. Left over, UNUSED; 31. ENDS of the earth; 34. Gets set, GELS; 35. Feudal thralls, ESNES; 37. Table leaves?, SALAD; 39. Target, in a way, SHOOT AT; 40. Like Europe in 1945, WAR WORN; 41. Cry in hide-and-seek, I SEE YOU; 42. Image, PERSONA; 44. Those who should follow the advice in the sounded-out answers to the five starred clues, DRIVERS; 45. Wikipedia precursor, ENCARTA; 46. Uses for support, RESTS ON; 49. Grill, e.g., EATERY; 51. Words of explanation, ID EST; 53. Cramming aid, NO-DOZ; 57. EMIL Zátopek, four-time Olympic track gold medalist; 58. Delta 88, e..g., informally, OLDS; 61. Paris’s Avenue DES Champs-Élysées; 63. Money of Romania, LEU.


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