07.15.13 — Into the Sunset

Monday, July 15, 2013
Edited by Will Shortz

RAID, READ, RIDE, ROAD and RUDE found in RAID THE FRIDGE (20A. Get a midnight snack, say), READ INTO (28A. Find a subtext of), RIDE OFF (37A. Leave by horseback, as into the sunset), ROAD BIKE (46A. Tour de France conveyance) and RUDE AWAKENING (53A. Unpleasant shock) constitute the interrelated group of this Monday crossword.
Other — CHAGRIN (10D. Embarrassment), FEED BAG (4D. Item strapped over a horse’s head), FLAME WAR (39D. Nasty online argument), FRET OVER (5D. Worry about), HOLE IN ONE (11D. Ace on the links), NOLAN RYAN (33D. All-time career record-holder for strikeouts).


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