07.09.13 — Middle Initial

Paul A. Wronowski, photo by Birk Thomas
Built in 1980, by Thames Shipyard and Repair Company of New London, Connecticut (hull #104) as the Paul A. Wronowski for the Thames Towboat Company of New London, Connecticut.
Tuesday, July 9, 2013
Puzzle by Kurt Krauss / Edited by Will Shortz
MIDDLE INITIAL (38A. See 17-, 21-, 53- and 61-Across), RUTHERFORD HAYES (17A. Famous person with “B” as a 38-Across), MARY BLIGE (21A. .. “J” as a 38-Across), ROBERT LEE (53A. … “E” as a 38-Across) and JOHN ROCKEFELLER (61A. … “D” as a 38-Across) constitute the interrelated group of this Tuesday crossword.
Other — Songwriter Jacque BREL, MAYTAG (11D. 2006 Whirlpool acquisition), ONE ON ONE (67A. Two-player basketball game), OROSCO (14A. Jesse who pitched in a record 1,252 major-league games), RESONATE (15A. Strike a chord with), VESSEL (13D. Jug or tug).



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