07.23.13 — On the Beach

Women dancing on the beach, Toronto, Canada, c. 1920
Tuesday, July 23, 2013
Puzzle by Jean O’Conor / Edited by Will Shortz

BEACHGOER (59A. One packing up the answers to the seven starred clues, maybe) and the seven starred clue/answers constitutes the interrelated group of this hot summer crossword:

FLIP-FLOPS (17A. *Abrupt reversals of opinion)
ONE-PIECE (23A. *Uninjured, after “in”)
COOLER (28A. *Hoosegow)
COVER-UP (36A. *Scandal damage control)
BLANKET (39A. *Across-the-board)
SHADES (49A. *Ghostly figures)
UMBRELLA (51A. *Kind of insurance policy)

Other — ECONOLINE (10D. Bygone Ford van), GOPHERS (7D. Tunneling rodents), LADY LUCK (11D. Figure invoked in casinos), LET’S DANCE (33D. 1983 David Bowie #1 hit), LOUISE UP (43D. Make a mess of), VAGABOND (38D. Wayfarer).


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