07.06.13 — The Saturday Crossword

The Capture of Havana, 1762: The Morro Castle and the Boom Defence Before the Attack.  A depiction of an episode from the last major operation of the Seven Years War, 1756-63. It was part of England's offensive against Spain when she entered the war in support of France late in 1761.


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Puzzle by Martin Ashwood-Smith / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — “Moses” novelist, ASCH; 5. Home to Morro Castle, CUBA; 9. Rigging pros, BOS’NS; 14. Hoops nickname, SHAQ; 15. Its prices are determined by competition, OPEN MARKET; 17. Rafts, TONS; 18. “Red pottage” in Genesis, LENTIL SOUP; 19. Gun, REV; 20. Sharks’ place, SAN JOSE; 21. Neighbor of Telescopium, ARA; 22. “OSAMA Obama (epithet used by Rush Limbaugh); 24. Criticize in a small way, informally, DING; 25. Circulation problem, CLOT; 26. “Just SAY I Love Her” (1950 hit); 28. Granny, to Gretel, OMA; 30. Central figure of a country, NATIONAL AVERAGE; 38. 1978 punk classic, I WANNA BE SEDATED; 40. What many married couples bring in, SEPARATE INCOMES; 41. Finnair alternative, SAS; 42. Blowout, e.g., SALE; 43. With 5-Down, bygone beverage, JOLT; 46. Sort who isn’t safe around a safe, YEGG; 50. “Women Ironing” artist, DEGAS; 53. English Channel feeder, EXE; 54. Land above, to Sonorans, EL NORTE; 56. Honor for Harry Potter’s creator: Abbr., OBE; 57. Acid Queen player in “Tommy”, TINA TURNER; 59. 1998 Spielberg title role, RYAN; 60. “Two Tickets to Paradise” singer, EDDIE MONEY; 61. Domino getting played, FATS; 62. They take up some measures, RESTS; 53. Squat, NADA; 54. Gonitis target, KNEE.

Down — 1. 1960s TV dog, ASTRO; 4. Walk-ins?, SHOES; 3. It may cover all the bases, CANVAS TARP; 4. C.E.O.’s places, HQS; 5. See 43-Across, COLA; 6. Knock for a loop, UPEND; 7. Dog star, BENJI; 8. Composer ANTON Arensky; 9. Roll in the grass?, BALE; 10. Sites for system repairs, briefly, ORS; 11. Toasting option, SKOAL; 12. Intro to chemistry, NEURO; 13. Parade honoree, familiarly, ST PAT; 16. What a bad ruler does, MISGOVERNS; 20. Parting word, SAYONARA; 23. Mizzen neighbor, MAIN-MAST; 25. Dressage half-turn, CARACOLE; 27. Put away, maybe, IN AN ASYLUM; 29. 1970s, ME DECADE; 30. Sots’ shots, NIPS; 31. A WEE bit; 32. Look out for, say, ABET; 33. Singer LENE Lovich; 34. Sparkling White, ASTI; 35. “Chloe” director, 2009, ATOM EGOYAN; 36. “Chicago” Golden Globe winner, GERE; 37. Teaching degs., EDDS; 43. 2012 major-league leader in hits, JETER; 44. Quicklime, e.g., OXIDE; 45. Furnishes, LENDS; 47. ENRON Field (Minute Maid Park, once); 48. Fixin’ to, GONNA; 49. “Wall Street” theme, GREED; 51. Drop off, ABATE; 52. What a yo-yo locks, SENSE; 54. Tour de France times, ETES; 55. Sam Cooke’s “TRY A Little Love”; 58. British Isle, AIT; 59. Subj. of the 2006 film “Bobby”, RFK.


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