07.27.13 — The Saturday Crossword


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Puzzle by John Lieb and David Quarfoot 
Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Fictional amnesiac portrayer, MATT DAMON; 10. Out, PASSÉ; 15. Mix and match?, SPEED DATE; 16. Total, IN ALL; 17. Identifies with, RELATES TO; 18. Old computing acronym, ENIAC; 18. Head Start program service, briefly, PRE K; 20. Some drillers, for short, NCOS; 21. Prefix with gram, CENTI; 22. Stay (with), ROOM; 23. Turned on a friend, maybe?, SEXTED; 24. Painting surface, GESSO; 28. Proscribed, TABOO; 30. Destination in the “Odyssey”, ITHACA; 32. “No need to go on”, ’NUFF SAID; 37. Without embellishment, STARKLY; 39. Vitamin in meat, milk and eggs, B TWELVE; 40. Resolve a bromance spat, say, HUG IT OUT; 42. Crime scene sight, CORDON; 43 Muscle Beach sights, HE-MEN; 45. Backs, REARS; 46. Garden decorations, GNOMES; 50. Evade, DUCK; 52. 2007 horror sequel, SAW IV; 53. It may be hard to reach, ITCH; 54. Fool, DUPE; 58. 1970s subcompact, PINTO; 59. Member of a medical minority, MALE NURSE; 61. British running great Steve OVETT; 62. Start of a Dickensian request, PLEASE SIR; 63. Clipped, TERSE; 64. Emulate Ferris Bueller, SKIP CLASS.

Down — Dealer’s amt., MSRP; 2. Parrot, APER; 3. Communications leader, TELE; 4. Big Indonesian export, TEAK; 5. “Silent Spring” topic, DDT; 6. Gland: Prefix, ADENO; 7. Costumed figure, MASCOT; 8. Suleiman the Magnificent, for one, OTTOMAN; 9. Modernists, NEOS; 10. Difficult sort, PIECE OF WORK; 11. Addition, ANNEX; 12. Common subject of medieval art, SAINT; 13. Blank SLATE; 14. Title role for Charlton Heston, EL CID; 22. Election-related nonprofit since 1990, ROCK THE VOTE; 23. Cymbal sound, SOFT C; 24. “Mystic Pizza” actress Annabeth, GISH; 25. Dramatic accusation, ET TU; 26. Cut with more than one layer, SHAG; 27. Bit of Bollywood attire, SARI; 29. Mac, BUB; 31. Base for some incense, ALOES; 33. Dry, SERE; 34. Tynan player in “The Seduction of Joe Tynan”, ALDA; 35. “Severn Meadows” poet IVOR Gurney; 36. Retreats, DENS; 38. “Delish!”; YUM; 41. Presentation by Bill Clinton in 2007 or Bill Gates in 2010, TED TALK; 44. Cores, NUCLEI; 46. Sensitive subject?, G SPOT; 47. Green, NAÏVE; 48. Sports league V.I.P., OWNER; 49. Paws, MITTS; 51. Tawdry, CHEAP; 53. They’re a handful, IMPS; 54. What might put you through your paces?, DUEL; 55. Minor opening?, URSA; 56. Wave function symbols, PSIS; 57. Suffixes with mountain and cannon, EERS; 60. Grp. involved in the Abbottabad raid, NSC.


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