08.27.14 — ER...

Zeke, Disney’s “The Big Bad Wolf”


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Puzzle by Gareth Bain and David Poole
Edited by Will Shortz

Five sound-change puns of common phrases, exchanging “A” for “ER”, constitutes the main feature of this Wednesday crossword:

CONGER LINES (17A. Libretto for “Eel Trovatore”?)
FRANK ZAPPER (24A. Microwave for hot dogs?)
CHARLIE THE TUNER (37A. Actor Sheen after starting a new career n piano maintenance?)
SALES QUOTER (50A. One who knows the earnings report by heart?)
TUBER PLAYER (60A. Actor in a Mr. Potato Head costume?)

Other — AERATE (66A. Make bubbly), ALTAR (45A. Union station?), FOAM PEANUT (11D. Bit of packaging detritus), LENNIE (69A. George’s friend in “Of Mice and Men”), NEW MOON (27A. Sequel to “Twilight”), ROADEO (14A. Truckers’ contest), SPARTAN (48A. Lacking the traditional comforts), TORERO (6D. Fighgter in a ring), WHAT A LAUGH (29D. “That is SO stupid!”), ZEKE (26D. First name of the wolf in Disney‘s “The Big Bad Wolf“).


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