08.16.14 — Jazz and Poison

Lady Hamilton As Medea, 1786, George Romney


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Puzzle by Peter Broda / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Genre for Django Reinhardt, GYPSY JAZZ; 10. Spaceship Earth setting, EPCOT; 15. “Has the whole world gone mad?!”, NOT YOU TOO; 16. Recipient of a major downgrade in 2006, PLUTO; 17. Clicking point, AHA MOMENT; 18. Musical Hall of fame collaborator?, OATES; 19. Stretch before giving birth, TERM; 20. Islamic repub., PAK; 21. Not 100% sold, UNSURE; 22. “The SAME’S true for …”; 24. Winner of an annual “posedown”, MS OLYMPIA; 26. One of saintdom’s Fourteen Holy Helpers, VITUS; 28. Windbags beat them, GUMS; 29. Ones with low class standards?, DEGREE MILLS; 32. Speaker connectors?, MCS; 35. Thing pulled by a “hoss”, SHAY; 36. Her poison killed Creon, MEDEA; 37. “The Next President” comedian, SAHL; 38. Boatload, TON; 39. Rude response to “Excuse me?”, DID I STUTTER; 41. Like some horror films, in modern lingo, META; 42. Maternally related, ENATE; 43. What’s round due to too many rounds?, BEER BELLY; 48. 2009 Grammy winner for “Crack a Bottle”, DR DRE; 50. Giant in jets, AIRBUS; 51. “Pretty Little Liars” actor IAN Harding; 53. Give a powerful electric guitar performance, WAIL; 54. Convalesces, HEALS; 55. Hague Conventions topic, WAR CRIMES; 57. Shakespearean title role for Anthony Hopkins, TITUS; 58. Render unwell, INDISPOSE; 59. Farm call, SOOEY; 60. Spots for company cuisine, MESS TENTS.

Down — 1. Campers’ annoyances, GNATS; 2. Cry that helps people pull together, YO HEAVE HO; 3. Prey for an Arctic fox, PTARMIGAN; 4. Palindrome property, SYMMETRY; 5. Start of an attention-getting cry, YOO; 6. Sudden start, JUMP; 7. Stating lineup, A TEAM; 8. Crashes, with “out”, ZONKS; 9. B.C.” sound effect, ZOT; 10. Louis Braille and Les Paul, EPONYMS; 11. Cell interiors, PLASMS; 12. Card, CUT-UP; 13. 1995-2000 “S.N.L.” cast member, OTERI; 14. Where captains go, TO SEA; 21. Lament loudly, ULULATE; 23. Not tolerate injustice, say, SUE; 25. Gives elevator eyes, OGLES; 27. Phoenicians, e.g., SEMITES; 29. Sask. doesn’t observe it, DST; 30. Cross you wouldn’t mind bearing?, MEDAL; 31. First name in tyranny, IDI; 32. People’s 2007 Sexiest Man Alive, MATT DAMON; 33. Least dismal, CHEERIEST; 34. Shooter’s choice, briefly, SLR; 37. Tacky television transition, STAR WIPE; 39. He said “Music is the space between the notes”, DEBUSSY; 40. Wiener link?, UND; 41. 1959 #1 hit for the Fleetwoods, MR BLUE; 43. Southeast Asian coins, BAHTS; 44. What goes after cows, ducks and pigs?, EIEIO; 45. Close relative of Clio, ERATO; 46. Eric Cartman’s mom on “South Park”, LIANE; 47. Packers’ measurements, YARDS; 49. “Someone ELSE’S Dream” (Faith Hill country hit); 52. It has a “Los Angles” spin-off, NCIS; 55. Film director WIM Wenders; 56. Character string, RST.


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