08.23.14 — Hit or Miss

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Puzzle by Timothy Polin / Edited by Will Shortz

EACH CLUE IN / THE PUZZLE / IS MISSING / THE LETTER N (17A. First part of a hit for this crossword; 32A, 46A and 62A, [Hit part 2, Hit part 3 and Last part of the hit]) is the main feature of this Saturday stumper.

Other across — 1. Rage, AMBIT; 6. Hardly ice outside, FOUL; 10. Places for sprigs, BEDS; 14. A. Quiet parter?, PEACE; 15. Pie cutter’s tool, ADZE; 16. Umber at the opera, ARIA; 19. Relative of “Hey, ma”, PSST; 20. Arc’s target, maybe, XTC; 21. Plat pouch, SAC; 22. Easter floor mat, TATAMI; 24. Pog or Pogs, formerly, FAD; 26. Lives, PEPS; 20. Bad member to pick?, SITAR; 30. Fly of film?, ERROL; 34. Olympia with a watery realm, SEA GOD; 36. Perform peace, ATONE; 37. Fried with four legs, PET; 38. Covered with slug mud, SULLIED; 40. Sorters’ quarters, STY; 43. Dramatically scored sorceress, MEDEA; 44. Ager, TEMPER; 50. Cagey parts, e.g., ROLES; 51. Early, QUASI; 52. Part of a euro, AXON; 54. Tige, say, BIT; 55. Adds a little toe to, TINCTS; 57. Like a great bod, AAA; 59. Bled for a social affair, perhaps, TEA; 61. Dramatic cry from people who get subbed, ET TU; 66. Caker, for example, SORE; 67. Car whose logo is liked?, AUDI; 68. Ever lost to, OWNED; 69. Starts of some chorus lies, TRAS; 70. Eve, TRUE; 71. Chia growth area?, PADDY.

Down — 1. Crow, APEX; 2. Vegas would love this type of world, MEAT FREE; 3. Casio game, BACCARAT; 4. Kat’s “I”, ICH; 5. Slag for sleuths, TECS; 6. Product made by Moe, FAUCET; 7. Kid of poetic work, ODE; 8. Arm from a Mideast lad, UZI; 9. Did a baker’s job, LENT; 10. Covert, maybe, BAPTIZE; 11. Margarie might be described thus, ERSATZ; 12. Grad’s opposite, DISMAL; 13. Gere of “Gulliver’s Travels”, SATIRE; 18. User’s circuit, LAP; 23. I pieces, ASUNDER; 25. You might board yours at the keel if you take a cruise, DOG; 27. Wig of the old Greek army, PHALANX; 28. Program that asks “Are we aloe?,” for short, SETI; 30. Metal worker’s claim?, ESP; 31. Abruptly becomes violet, LOSES IT; 33. Doe, e.g., POET; 35. Bombs without bags, DUDS; 39. Sci-fi character remembered for her large bus, LEIA; 40. Strad part that becomes frayed, SPLIT END; 41. Wet like a seesaw, TEETERED; 42. Spas that last 52 wks., YRS; 43. Bugled strokes, MISCUES; 45. Deadly gag, MOB; 46 Mesa prerequisite, IQ TEST; 47. Guy who may offer a girl a rig, SUITOR; 48. Mystical chat, MANTRA; 49. H. L. player, GOALIE; 53. Refusal from a boy lass, NAE; 56. “Ow!”, STAT; 58. O, ATOP; 60. Murray who’s highly raked, ANDY; 63. Be-HUR; 64. Ed of some school addresses, EDU; 65. Old rival of America, TWA


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