08.29.14 — The Friday Crossword

Maria Callas


Friday, August 29, 2014

Puzzle by Ned White / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Poll Internet users on, perhaps, CROWD-SOURCE; 12. Inn stock, ALE; 15.  Code often used for take-home tests, HONOR SYSTEM; 16. W. Coast airport one might think has poor security?, LAX; 17. Summed up, IN A NUTSHELL; 18. Middle-earth baddie, ORC; 19. Short order?, REG; 20. Kiwi’s companion, MATE; 21. Longtime N.F.L. coach whose name is French for “the handsome”, LEBEAU; 23. Ordinary person, PLEB 25. Soprano RERI Grist; 27. Neighbor of St. Kitts, NEVIS; 28. Symbol of sentimentality, SYRUP; 30. Anti-Mafia measure, briefly, RICO; 32. Eliot title surname, BEDE; 33. Budgetary concern, CAP; 35. “Miss Julie” composer, 1965, NED ROREM; 37. Ray often seen over a range, RACHAEL; 41. As surplus, TO SPARE; 42. He played John Glenn in 1983 and John McCain in 2012, ED HARRIS; 44. Bo Jackson was one in ‘89, MVP; 45. Mideast’s Gulf of ADEN; 46. Department store chain founder, MACY; 48. Like un bébé, PETIT; 52. Costa RICAN; 54. Whaler’s direction?, THAR; 56. Angela Lansbury, e.g., DAME; 57. Group sharing a culture, ETHNOS; 59. Year Bush was re-elected, MMIV; 61. Kroger alternative, IGA; 62. Mark, as a survey square, X IN; 63. Singer known as “La Divina”, MARIA CALLAS; 66. Natural rock climber, IVY; 67. Words following an understatement, AND THEN SOME; 68. Leaves on a trolley, say, TEA; 69. “Don’t sorry …”, REST ASSURED.

Down — 1. In-flight calls?, CHIRPS; 2. Doc Savage portrayer, RON ELY; 3. Cousin of a donkey, ONAGER; 4. Secured, WON; 5. One expected to get beaten, DRUM; 6. Cool red giant, S-STAR; 7. The world, to a go-getter?, OYSTER; 8. Mark the start of, USHER IN; 9. Travel option: Abbr., RTE; 10. Word with wall or tower, CELL; 11. Football Hall-of-Famer Tunnell, EMLEN; 12. Juice source for a trendy drink, ALOE VERA; 13. Bo Jackson was one in ‘89, L A RAIDER; 14. Response to an insult, EXCUSE ME; 22. Played like Bird or Trane, BEBOPPED; 24. Notable lifelong bachelor in U.S. history, BUCHANAN; 26. Player of Fin Tutuola on TV, ICE T; 29. Host of 1950s TV’s “Bank on the Stars”, PAAR; 31. Longtime Laker Lamar, ODOM; 34. Salon job, PERM; 36. Answer, quickly, RSVP; 37. Means of furtive escape, REAR EXIT; 38. 12-Down, often, ADDITIVE; 39. Neighbor of Georgia, CHECHNYA; 40. “South Pacific” girl, LIAT; 43. Political theorist Carl SCHMITT; 47. Steinway competitor, YAMAHA; 49. Suitable job?, TAILOR; 50. “Count me in”, I’M GAME; 51. Like big hair, often, TEASED; 53. ESPN analyst NOMAR Garciaparra; 55. Sieves, in a way, RICES; 58. Not unhinged, SANE; 60. Relocation transportation, VANS; 64. Travel options: Abbr., RDS; 65. Fighting Tigers’ sch., LSU.


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