08.15.14 — The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal was formally opened on August 15,1914, 
with the passage of the cargo ship SS Ancon.


Friday, August 15, 2014

Puzzle by Jeff Chen / Edited by Will Shortz

CARIBBEAN SEA (20A. One end of the [circled letters]. which opened on 8/15/1914) and PACIFIC OCEAN (50A. The other end of the [circled letters]), along with the circled letters, e.g., PANAMA CANAL, comprises the main feature of this fine Friday crossword.

Other across — 1. “The Lion King” bird, ZAZU; 5. Environmental pollutants, for short, PCBS; 9. Easter cake, BABKA; 14. Remote, SLIM; 15. Writer ERLE Stanley Gardner; 16. “Sounds like A PLAN”; 17. Staples of Americana, APPLE PIES; 19. Iraqi P.M. NOURI al-Maliki; 22. Quanta, AMOUNTS; 24. First female athlete on the front of a Wheaties box, RETTON; 26. Brew that gets  its color from oxidation, RED TEA; 27. Capillaceous, HAIRLIKE; 29. What a check might be delivered in, CHESS; 30. Tribal wear, for short, MOCS; 31. Part of the conjugation of “etre”, ETES; 32. Fiery eruptions, TIRADES; 35. Features of many drive-thrus, ATMS; 39. Chicago market, with “the”, MERC; 40. One with a once-in-a-lifetime experience?, HAJJI; 45. Elation, RHAPSODY; 47. AILEEN Wuomos, “Monster” role for which Charlize Theron won an Oscar; 48. “Whew!” feeling, RELIEF; 49. Was behind, RAN LATE; 53. Sonatas have four of them, TIRES; 54. What never lets go?, SUPER GLUE; 57. Hip place?, ILIUM; 58. Second issue?, ABEL; 59. Prefix with zone, EURO; 60. Gives it up, so to speak, CLAPS; 61. N.B.A. coaching great George KARL; 62. Nobel pursuits?: Abbr., SCIS.

Down — 1. When doubled, onetime name in Hollywood, ZSA; 2. Pinnacle of “The Sound of Music”, ALP; 3. Letter number, ZIP CODE; 4. Deutsch marks?, UMLAUTS; 5. Seed in Mexican cuisine, CRIBS; 7. Air bubble, BLEB; 8. Zaire’s Mobuto SESE Seko; 9. Ad form, BANNER; 10. Evangelist, APOSTLE; 11. Bird that curiously, has a yellow breast, BLUE TIT; 12. Bars n a bar?, KARAOKE; 13. Darth Vader’s boyhood nickname, ANI; 18. ERNEST Rutherford, the Father of Nuclear Physics; 21. Result (from), ARISE; 22. A pop-up has one, ARC; 23. So-so, MEH; 25. The Legend of Zelda platform, briefly, NES; 27. Trite, HOARY; 28. Electrical inits., ACDC; 30. Stable role on TV?, MR ED; 34. Boxing souvenir, SHINER; 35. Flight board abbr., ARR; 36. Medical product with no conceivable use?, THE PILL; 37. Central American danger, MALARIA; 38. Enliven, SPICE UP; 41. Family-friendly category, ALL AGES; 42. TV’s Capt. Picard, JEAN-LUC; 43. Fountain feature, JET; 44. Suffix with opal, INE; 46. They’ll rock your world, SEISMS; 47. Remote power source, AA CELL; 49. Rodeo performer, ROPER; 51. “Out of Africa” writer ISAK Dinesen; 52. Island sometimes called El Cocodrilo, CUBA; 53. Peculiarity, TIC; 55. Location of the William Tell legend, URI; 56. Lover of Orion, in Greek myth, EOS.


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