08.17.14 — Sittin' Solve


Sunday, August 17, 2014

“Sittin’ Solve” — Puzzle by Caleb Madison / Edited by Will Shortz

In this Sunday crossword, twelve three-word phrases change meaning when reduced to two, e.g., [and] is changed to “IN’”:

WRITIN’ WRONG (20A. Spellin’ things incorrectly?), right and wrong
JACKIN’ COKE (29A. Stealin’ a hard drug?), Jack and Coke
ROCKIN’ ROLL (32A. Pushin’ some bread back and forth?), rock and roll
BARRIN’ GRILL (66A. Not allowin’ anyone to cook burgers and franks?), bar and grill
TIMIN’ AGAIN (104A. Recheckin’ with a stopwatch?), time and again
SHOWIN’ TELL (106A. Demonstratin’ how to shoot an apple off someone’s head?), show and tell
CUTTIN’ PASTE (116A. Usin’ less stickum?), cut and paste
HITTIN’ MISS (2D. Givin’ a female casino patron another card?), hit and miss
BUYIN’ LARGE (12D. Makin’ some big purchases?), by and large
WILLIN’ GRACE (38D. Hopin’ favor is bestowed?), Will and Grace
NIPPIN’ TUCK (73D. Bitin’ a friend of Robin Hood?), nip and tuck
HAULN’ OATS (73D. Carryin’ a load of grain?), Hall and Oates

Other — AWAY WE GO (22A. Departing words), CIARA (28A. R&B singer with the 2004 #2 hit “Goodies”), EASY MONEY (78D. “Get rich quick” promise), EMOJI (93D. What you might use to put on a happy face?), Clark GREGG, IS THAT ALL (81A. “Are you done?“), I WANNA (100D. “Lemme!“), KESHA and SASHA, LEDGE (51D. Jumping-off point?), MAN PURSE (114A. Accouterment popularized by a “Seinfeld” episode), MORAY EEL (85D. Coral reef lurker), NEWSSTAND (54A. Paper pusher?), RAP VIDEO (61A. 50 Cent piece), ROBOTRY (59D. Engineering topic), SNAPCHAT (9D. Medium for many selfies), THE ROOKIE (13D. 2002 Dennis Quaid film about a struggling mnor-league pitcher), VERTICALS (77D. Stats for basketball players), VINES (62D. Popular six-second clips since 2013), ZEE (101A. ¼ of zero?), ZUNE (111D. Microsoft portable media player).


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