08.01.14 — The Friday Crossword

Cube of Light, Ai Weiwei


Friday, August 1, 2014

Puzzle by Ashton Anderson and James Mulhern
Edited by Will Shortz

As uninteresting and quickly dated as some crosswords can be, this Friday puzzle qualifies hands down.

Across — 1. Very harsh, ACIDIC; 7. Cash flow statement?, CHA-CHING; 15. Ultra 93 vendor, SUNOCO; 16. Winner of the inaugural Vaclav Havel Prize for Creative Dissent (2012), AL WEIWEI; 17. Two-dimensional, PLANAR; 18. The Hub, BEANTOWN; 19. Meander, WEND; 20. “I say” sayer, BRIT; 21. Ferrari rival, informally, JAG; 22. Wildly cheering, AROAR; 24. Real joker, RIOT; 25. First talking pet in American comics, TIGE; 26. Steel-eyed one?, CARNEGIE;28. Horse whisperer, e.g., TAMER; 29. Moves uncertainly, TODDLES; 30. Boorish member of King Arthur’s Round Table, SIR KAY; 32. Like dungeons, typically, DANK; 33. Footprint, maybe, CLUE; 34. Tough to figure out, KNOTTY; 36. Paraphrase, RESTATE; 40. Coin with a hole in it, KRONE; 41. First substitute on a basketball bench, SIXTH MAN; 42. Van Gogh's "L'Eglise d'Avers-sur-OISE;43. Chop-chop, ASAP; 45. Willy Wonka Candy Company candy, NERDS; 46. Flnt-to-Kalamazoo dir., WSW; 47. “The X-Files” program, for short, SETI; 48. Soft spot, SOFA; 49. Modern storage space, THE CLOUD; 51. Flush, LOADED; 54. How Columbo often worked, ON A HUNCH; 55. Queued up, IN LINE; 56. Be at the end of one’s rope?, WATERSKI; 57. Principal part, MELODY.

Down — 1. Ancient symbol of royalty, ASP; 2. French bottom, CUL; 3. Very succinctly, IN A WORD; 4. “No problem, I’m on it!”, DONE AND DONE; 5. “Been there”, I CAN RELATE; 6. One of a vocal pair, CORD; 7. Hack, CABBIE; 8. Sacred: Prefix, HIERO; 9. Anticipate, AWAIT; 10. 50 CENT; 11. Google unit, HIT; 12. It means “sulfur island” in Japanese, IWO JIMA; 13. Into crystals and energy field, say, NEW-AGEY; 14. Redhead, GINGER; 22. Be part of the picture, ACT; 23. Indian novelist, Raja, RAO; 24. Kind of business, RISKY; 25. Be a patsy, TAKE THE FALL; 27. Hat-tipping sort, GENT; 28. Catchphrase for the paranoid, TRUST NO ONE; 30. Faux money, SCRIP; 31. Holly, ILEX; 34. Deity with more than 16,000 wives, KRISHNA; 35. “Easy-peasy”, NO SWEAT; 37. Rush home?, AM RADIO; 38. Soupcon, tad; 39. Nation’s exterior?, ENS; 40. Submit, KOWTOW; 41. Greeted someone, SAID HI; 43. Time immemorial, AEONS; 44. Fat, STUCK; 47. “Dirtbag,” e.g., SLUR; 48. Remote, SLIM; 50. Revolutionary name, CHE; 52. Kill, END; 53. “The Partridge Family” actress, DEY.


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