08.24.14 — Second Shift

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Puzzle by Patrick Berry / Edited by Will Shortz

Anagrams of ten common phrases accomplished by simply exchanging the second and third letters of the first word to achieve ten uncommon phrases constitutes the main feature of this Sunday crossword:

BLOT-ACTION RIFLE (23A. Paintball gun?)
LEI DETECTOR (28A. Device that can tell if someone’s recently vacationed n Hawaii?)
SLIVER MINE (33a. Narrow shaft in a mountain?)
BRA OF CHOCOLATE 44A. Tem from the Victoria’s Sweetness catalog?)
DIARY MAID (57A. Anne Frank, e.g.?)
ERA OF CORN (73A. “Hee Haw” heyday, say?)
SATINLESS STEEL (89A. Novelist Danielle without her glossy dress?)
CLOD CEREAL (95A. Honey Bunches of Oafs, e.g.?)
CALM CHOWDER (101A. Soup after it’s been taken off the burner?)
CROONER’S INQUEST (113A. What might determine if the moon hitting your eye like a big pizza pie is truly amore?)

Other — ADIEU (11D. Last thing bid?), CONWAY (43A. Big name in trucking), FLIES (46D. Garbage collection?), LECHERY and LICHEN (6D. “Lolita” subject; 76A. Rock growth), LOVE-IN (34D. Peaceful protest of the 1960s), ROADEOS (20A. Truck-driving competitions), RUSHDIE (58D. “Joseph Anton: A Memoir” autobiographer), SCIENCE (92D. “It’s true whether or not you believe in it,“ per Neil deGrasse Tyson), SMALL CAR (70A. One in a tight space, perhaps), VWS (36D. Bugs that weigh tons).


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