08.14.14 — Underpass


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Puzzle by Jason Flinn / Edited by Will Shortz

ELEVATED HIGHWAY and RAILROAD TRESTLE (5D. One reason for a 52-Across; 7D. Another reason for a 52-Across) and UNDER / PASS (52A. One of two engineering features depicted in this puzzle), along with five more entries that pass under two sets of brackets formed by black squares, constitutes the main feature of this clever, very accomplished Thursday crossword:

SHOPA / HOLIC (12A and 15A. One who gets a charge out of charging?)
DELIB / ERATE (16A and 18A. Calculate)
GENT / LE BEN (19A and 21A. Lovable 650-pound TV character)
I DIDN’ / T DO IT (56A and 58A. Reflexive response to an accusation)
SENDS / A NOTE (60A and 62A. Writes briefly)

1940s Citroen in Vaxholm, Sweden, 2012

Other — ANOMALY (33A. Outlier); CITROEN (26A. First mass-production auto company outside the U.S.); CRUISE (46D. Compete without a struggle); DELILAH and TRAITOR (37A. Biblical betrayer; 40A. 37-Across, e.g.), DELUISE (37D. Co-star of “The Cannonball Run,“ 1981); LET ME BE (31A. “Just leave!“); OMICRON (45A. Head of Olympus?); REPAIR (6D. Withdraw [to]); THE GAME (2D. Rapper whose 2006 album “Doctor’s Advocate” was #1).


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