08.09.14 — The Saturday Crossword

Sea Serpent from a map, c. 1620


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Puzzle by Josh Knapp / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Colonel’s charge, once, KFC; 4. Conventioneers: Abbr., DELLS; 8. Washington, once, so they say, SWAMP; 13. Creature that moves by jet propulsion, NAUTILUS; 15. Loses one’s shadow, say, SHAVES; 16. Like John Belushi, ethnically, ALBANIAN; 17. Spelunking supply, PITONS; 18. High level, PLATEAU; 19. Couscous ingredient, PINE NUT; 20. Ones working over the holidays?, SANTAS; 21. Try to stop, DETER; 22. Part of Austin Powers’s attire, ASCOT; 23. Big beat?, GINSBERG; 26. “Mad Men” award, CLIO; 27. One getting stuck in a horror movie, VOODOO DOLL; 29. Powder holder, KEG; 30. French locale of prehistoric cave paintings, LASCAUX; 31. Bellweather sound, BAA; 32. Image on many an old map, SEA SERPENT; 34. ConocoPhillips competitor, HESS; 35. Like top-shelf liquor, PRICIEST; 36. Place to walk to, FIRST; 37. Tired, STALE; 38. “The Divine Comedy” has 100 of them, CANTOS; 39. Ski lodge fixtures, HOT TUBS; 42. Digression, TANGENT; 43. Going in circles, AWHIRL; 44. Lear’s youngest, CORDELIA; 45. British footballer Wayne ROONEY; 46. Inconvenience, IMPOSE ON; 47. Some modern fads, MEMES; 48. Reckon, DEEM; 49. Curtains, END.

Lescaux painting, aurochs, horses, and deer.

Down — 1. Contents of some lockers, KNAP SACKS; 2. Drop off, FALL ASLEEP; 3. Bolivar, Cohiba or Juan Lopez, CUBAN CIGAR; 4. Patronize, in a way, DINE AT; 5. Mount St. ELIAS (Alaska/Canada border peak); 6. Common dance theme, LUAU; 7. Fig. on some shredded documents, SSN; 8. Case for a bootblack, SHINE BOX; 9. Weak, with “down”, WATERED; 10. Drug dealer on “The Wire”, AVON; 11. Many a flier under a door, MENU; 12. Alternative to an elbow, PSST; 14. Tomahawk for Andrew Jackson, surprisingly, TATTOO; 15. Quickly produces in great quantity, SPITS OUT; 19. One might have a cameo at the end, PENDANT; 31. Bishop’s place, DIOCESE; 23. Biblical quartet, GOSPELS; 24. Arlington House is his memorial, ROBERT E LEE; 25. Monocle, in British slang, GLASS ONION; 27. How Mount Etna erupts, VARIABLY; 28. The Battle of Thermopylae, for the Spartans, LAST STAND; 30. Some gatherings, in halls, LECTURES; 33. Raphael’s “SISTINE Madonna”; 34. Swinging joints, HINGES; 36. Group of lovers, collectively, FANDOM; 38. “CARPE manana” (procrastinator’s jokey motto); 39. “What’s the HARM?”; 40. Shakespearean lament, O WOE; 41. Fashion designer Browne, THOM; 42. A-F or G-K, maybe, TOME; 44. Conqueror of Valencia, with “the”, CID.


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