08.25.14 — Oops!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Puzzle by Greg Johnson / Edited by Will Shortz

MY BAD (37A. “Oops!”), along with BLUNDER, BOBBLE, BUMBLE and STUMBLE found in the first half of four answers, constitutes the interrelated group of this Monday crossword:

BLUNDERBUSS (20A. Muzzle-loading firearm)
BOBBLEHEADS (51A. Promotional ballpark giveaways)
BUMBLEBEES (11D. Big pollinators)
STUMBLEBUM (29D. Second-rate prizefighter)

Other — APLOMB (46A. Self-confidence), CAMERAMAN (39A. TV news employee), GAME TABLE (32A. Rec room feature), MAMBO (37D. Sensual ballroom dance), MEANT TO (4D. Had it in mind), PRESTO (45D. Magician‘s cry), RAMBLED (41D. Talked pointlessly), TENSE (30A. All wound up), TETLEY (25A. Lipton alternative), TRAYS (43D. Surgical instrument holders), UPEND (42A. Topple).


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