08.22.14 — The Friday Crossword

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Puzzle by Sam Ezersky / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Something that goes from a pit to your stomach?, BBQ SANDWICH; 12. Snarky sound, HEH; 15. It has billons of barrels, SAUDI ARABIA; 16. Queen of Thebes, in myth, INO; 17. One may tell a conductor to slow down, TRAIN SIGNAL; 18. Sound of a slug, BAM; 19. Sashimi selection, AHI; 20. Buckled, GAVE; 21. Dos little words?, TE AMO; 23. Ester ROLLE of “Good Times”; 25. Large part of some herds, EWES; 28. Brand of bat pellets, D-CON; 29. Fix, SPAY; 30. Walt Disney Concert Hall designer, FRANK GEHRY; 32. Cop, STEAL; 34. Monarchial support, ROYALISM; 35. G squared?, MIL; 37. Spotmatic, e.g., briefly, SLR; 38. Unhelpful reply to “How did you do that?”, IT’S MAGIC; 43. Screen entertainers with many gigs?, IPADS; 47. “All the President’s Men” figure, DEEP THROAT; 49. Like many hipsters, ARTY; Actress CATE Blanchett; 52. Pie hole, TRAP; 53. Parts of kingdoms, PHYLA; 54. Juan’s sweetheart, AMIGA; 56. RAGA rock (some George Harrison music); 58. With 59-Across, race that’s not very competitive, FUN; 59. See 58-Across, RUN; 60. Pill holder, BLISTER PACK; 64. Occasion to do a late shift?: Abbr., DST; 65. Member of a “great” quintet, LAKE ONTARIO; 66. SAO Goncalo, Rio de Janeiro; 67. Mideast president who wrote “The Battle for Peace,”1981, EZER WEIZMAN.

Down — 1. Regulus A and Bellatrix, B-STARS; 2. Gets rounds around town?, BAR HOPS; 3. Show fear of QUAIL AT; 4. Govt. project who logo depicted a shield in space, SDI; 5. Danny AINGE of the Celtics; 6. Curiosity producer, NASA; 9. Counterpart of “abu”, IBN; 10. “Burn Notice” grp., CIA; 11. Freeze, HALT; 12. Literally, “fire bowl”, HIBACHI; 13. Doesn’t just attract, ENAMORS; 14. Cache for cash, say, HOMONYM; 22. 1963 Pulitzer winner Leon EDEL; 24. It’s KOH, chemically, LYE; 26. “The Killing” star Mireille ENOS; 27. Like some lobbies, SKY LIT; 30. Trip up?, FLIGHT; 31. T. S. GARP of literature; 33. Member of a Latin trio, AMAT; 36. Line to Jamaica n N.Y.C., LIRR; 38. Bar necessities, ID CARDS; 39. “Dream” group in Barcelona in 1992, TEAM USA; 40. Mounted below the surface of, SET INTO; 41. QuickTime or RealPlayer format option, MPEG; 42. Like boors vis-à-vis gentlemen, COARSER; 44. Masseur gratifier, AAH; 45. Raise crops on the Plains, maybe, DRY FARM; 46. So-called “Helen of the West Indies”, ST LUCIA; 48. Director of the 2012 comedy “This is 40”, APATOW; 50. Try to pull off, say, YANK ON; 53. Epic start, PART I; 55. Cutting it, ABLE; 57. Replicator, e.g., GENE; 61. LAZ-Boy; 62. Old White House nickname, IKE; 63. Guerra’s opposite, PAZ.


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1 comment:

geoff said...

I'm not understanding the "epic start" reference. Is "Parti" the first album published by Epic Records? Even if there is a departure in an epic, the epic typically begins in the middle, not the start. An exception would be "The Divine Comedy". Or does it refer to the animated movie "Epic" which does begin with a departure? "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass" might be called epics but again, they are atypical.

Or is "Parti Quebecois" an epic? :-)