08.02.14 — The Saturday Crossword

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Puzzle by Kristian House / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Not too wimpy, MAN ENOUGH; 10. Sensational effects, BANGS; 15. Begging, perhaps, ON ONE KNEE; 16. David had him killed, in the Bible, URIAH; 17. Dish with crab meat and Béarnaise, VEAL OSCAR; 18. Associate with, TIE TO; 19. ETHAN Allen in history; 20. Many an event security guard, RENT-A-COP; 22. Say you’ll make it, say, RSVP; 25. They wrap things up, ENDERS; 26. Dangerous blanket, SMOG; 29. Craftsperson, ARTISAN; 32. Like a Big Brother society, ORWELLIAN; 34. Food order from a grill, KEBAB; 38. K’ung Fu-TSE (Confucius); 39. Charge at a state park, USER FEE; 41. Zenith competitor, RCA; 42. Hit the dirt hard?, SCRUB; 44. Subject of the 2010 biography “Storyteller”, ROALD DAHL; 46. “Honest”, TRUST ME; 48. Regarded, EYED; 49. Knowledge: Fr., SAVOIR; 52. The very recent past: Abbr., YEST; 54. Sound reproducible with coconut shells, CLIP CLOP; 57. Left, on un mapa, OESTE; 61. Mall features, ATRIA; 62. Portmanteau bird?, TURDUCKEN; 65. Shakespeare character who asks “To whose hands have you sent the lunatic king?”, REGAN; 66. Left part of a map?, BLUE STATE; 67. Weather map feature, FRONT; 68. Smiley, e.g., SPYMASTER.

Down — 1. Shake a leg, MOVE; 2. Operating without A NET; 3. Webster’s first?, NOAH; 4. Swell, ENLARGE; 5. Electric shades, NEONS; 6. They’re not forbidding, OKS; 7. Perennial N.C.A.A. hoops powerhouse, UNC; 8. Stick selection, GEAR; 9. “this is yours”, HERE; 10. Completely bare, BUTT NAKED; 11. She came to Theseus’ aid, ARIADNE; 12. NIECE-in-law; 13. Bayou snapper, briefly, GATOR; 14. Mall features, SHOPS; 21. Punch-Out!! platform, for short, NES; 23. Dance in triple time: Sp., VALS; 24. Snoopy sorts, PRIERS; 26. They’re often fried, SOTS; 27. Joanie’s mom, to Fonzie, MRS C; 28. One in arrears, OWER; 30. Alternative to tea leaves, TAROT; 31. Opprobrium, INFAMY; 33. It helps get the wheels turning, LUBRICANT; 35. Act like a jackass, BRAY; 36. Really long, ACHE; 37. Completely bare, BALD; 40. Part of a C.S.A. signature, E LEE; 43. Perfect, UTOPIAN; 45. Uncovers, DETECTS; 47. It changes when you go to a new site, URL; 49. Bolt (down), SCARF; 50. Let out, say, ALTER; 51. Labor Day arrival, e.g., VIRGO; 53. “Semper Fidelis” composer, SOUSA; 55. Some parlors, for short, OTBS; 56. Trashy, in a way, PULP; 58. It uses sevens through aces, SKAT; 59. First of many body parts in “Alouette”, TETE; 60. Cabinet dept. since 1977, ENER; 63. Chess’s RUY Lopez opening; 64. Frequent winner n a 66-Across: Abbr., DEM.

Lark, nice lark
Lark, I will pluck you
I will pluck your head
I shall pluck your head
And your head
Lark, nice lark
Lark, I will pluck you

~ "Alouette"

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