12.01.08 -- Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

Reversed 1894S-Dime Reverse
Monday, December 1, 2008
Puzzle by Eric J. Platt, edited by Will Shortz
TURN ON A DIME (57A. Change abruptly, or what the insides of 17-, 27- and 43-Across do?), along with BETTEMIDLER (17A. The Divine Miss M), NURSEMIDWIFE (27A. Birth mother’s helper), and SEMIDETACHED (43A. Connected on only one side, as a town house) are the interrelated entries of this back-to-work Monday crossword puzzle.
Other entries of some length include BEREAVE (42D. Deprive of); IDEATES (41D. Has thoughts); LIFESIZED (11D. Not reduced, as some illustrations); OVERTURE (37D. Famous part of Rossini’s “William Tell”); RIGMAROLE (33D. Complex procedure); STERNUM (5D. Chest part).
The ALBUM (1D. The Beatles’ “Revolver” or “Help!”) of people in today’s crossword includes
ADELE (15A. One of the dancing Astaires); AGNES (1A. Actress Moorehead) from Citizen Kane; LBJ (11A. J.F.K.’s successor), along with BAINES (6D. The “B“ of 11-Across); CLERGIES (9D. Religious groups); 28D. “Maria ELENA,” 1941 #1 hit; 50D. “ELMER Gantry”; HAHN (46D. Chemistry Nobelist Otto) and HOWE (53D. Hockey great Gordie); 41A. IVAN the Terrible; a JURY (13A. “12 angry men,” e.g.); KERN (39A. Jerome who composed “The Last Time I Saw Paris”); MELANIE (24A. Actress Griffith); OARSMEN (48A. Crew members); OWENS (37A. Jesse of the 1936 Olympics); in addition to Bette Midler, the nurse midwife, and the inspiration of ERATO (61A. Poetic Muse).
Five- and six-letter entries -- AVERT (47A. Turn away); BATCH (6A. Trayful of cookies, e.g.); BIDES (42A. Waits patiently);
COCOON (45D. Thing from which a butterfly emerges); EMERY (65A. Manicurist’s tool); GEESE (2D. Ones flying south for the winter); LEAST (14A. Minimum); MAINE (49D. Portland’s home); NATAL (3D. Birth-related); NEEDY (51D. Impoverished; OGLES (26A. Leers at); RARELY (22A. Hardly ever); SCRAM (31A. “Git!”); 64A. SETIN motion (start); THREAT (52A. Declaration ending “or else!”); VINED (62A. Covered with ivy).
Three- and four-letter -- ACHE, ADDS, ALE, ALIT, ANAT, ANTI, AWL, BOIL, CLUE, DIM (59D. Barely shining), EONS, EST, FIR, FORE, IOU, IVE, KIDS, LEES, MUG (40A. Rob on the street), MUIR, OMEN, RAT, REW, RUNS, SAMS, SEE, TEL, TWAS, WATT, WOO and ZOO (35A. Menagerie).
Brother, can you spare a dime?
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Xword search information --- Across: 16. Commitment to pay; 19. Balsam, e.g.; 20. John Cougar Mellencamp’s ‘R.O.C.K. in the ___”; 21. Baseball scores; 34. Some jeans; 36. Came to the ground; 40. Rob on the street; 54. Rheumatism symptom; 55. Order at the Pig and Whistle; 56. Court; 60. Shoemaker’s tool; 63. “Get it?”. Down: 4. Paris’s Gare de l’___; 7. Uses the “+” function; 8. Number on a bus. card); 12. Bring to 212 degrees; 18. California’s ___ Woods; 23. VCR button; 26. Study of the body: Abbr.; 26. Storm clouds, to some; 29. Golf cry; 30. Long times; 31. ___ Club (discount store); 32. Game with Colonel Mustard and Mrs. Peacock; 38. Power unit; 39. Baby goats; 44. “___ Got a Secret”; 52. “___ the night before Christmas…”; 54. Not pro; 58. Mouse’s big cousin.

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