12.07.08 -- "HEY!"

Sunday, December 7, 2008
“HEY!“, Puzzle by Jim Page, edited by Will Shortz
“Psst” is described in Webster’s as an exclamation used to get someone’s attention, usually in an unobtrusive way -- however, it is an often rude interjection, especially on the internet where “unobtrusive” is impossible. “Please” doesn’t figure into the equation.
YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE (64A. Start of an announcement … or hint to what’s hidden in the answers to the six starred clues) assumes that it does, including same in the interrelated entries of KEEPSSTRAIGHT (23A. *Distinguishes); SWEEPSSTALLS (33A. *Does a hostler’s work); DUMPSSTOCKS (49A. *Participates in a bear market); SKIPSSTONES (84A. *Plays at a pond, in a way); SWAPSSTORIES (99A. *Engages in some mutual gossip); DROPSSTITCHES (112A. *Commits knitting boo-boos). Now that you’ve gotten the attention, what? ASAP (96D. Right away) or RSVP (108D. Answer shortly)?
Psst! The acrosses: 1. Nailed, ACED; 5. VENN diagram; 9. Is in the Vatican, EST; 12. Stubborn response, IREFUSE; 19. Contact sport with a purification ritual, SUMO; 20. Jobs offering of 1998, IMAC; 21. Start of the seventh century, DCI; 22. Paws; TEARSAT; 26. Languished, SATIDLE; 27. Little fingers, MINIMI; 28. Brightest star in Auriga, from the Latin for “little she-goat”, CAPELLA; 30. Plant with two seed leaves, DICOT; 31. Literary wrap-up, ENDNOTES; 36. GLOM onto; 37. Bar product, SOAP; 38. Make a choice, OPT; 39. Sharp rebuke, SLAP; 40. “Taking Heat” memoirist Fleischer, ARI; 43. Played out, TRITE; 45. San YSIDRO, locale just north of Tijuana, Mexico; 47. “The Story-Teller” storyteller, SAKI; 51. Word of dissent, NAY; 52. English actor Sir DEREK Jacobi; 53, Suffix with disk, ETTE; 54. Burn cause, LYE; 55. Card’s insignia, STL; 57. Like many root vegetables for the winter, STORABLE; 61. Home of the Wright Brothers Natl. Memorial, NCAR; 63. It may be illegal to hang one, UEY; 70. Empty (of), RID; 71. Landscaper’s locale, YARD; 72. Free of mistakes; INERRANT; 74. Dutch artist Theo, JANSEN; 78. TV pooch with a temper, REN; 79. Alley-OOP pass; 81. Ancestor of a banjo, LUTE; 82. President-ELECT; 83. Cross shape, TAU; 88. Speak carelessly, SLUR; 89. Ellen of “Grey’s Anatomy”, POMPEO; 91. “Dune” director David, LYNCH; 92. Emerson’s “Jealous mistress”, ART; 93. When said three times, a 1970 film, TORA; 94. “OUR Mutual Friend”; 95. Seasonal time, in store signs, XMAS; 97. Provokes; IRES; 102. Loser of a footrace with Hippomenes,
ATALANTA; 106. “Christopher Robin went down with ALICE”: Milne; 107. Queens neighborhood near La Guardia, DITMARS; 109. Subjects of many bets, PONIES; 110. Clique, INGROUP; 114. Actress Annabella of “The Sopranos”, SCIORRA; 115. Brit’s oath, GOR; 116. Conceited, VAIN; 117. Sticker?, TINE; 118. Most grinchlike, MEANEST; 119. Merino mother, EWE; 120. Worrisome engine sound, PING; 121. “ALAS, how love can trifle with itself!”: Shak.
Psst! The downs? Hey, I’m out of here!
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Xword search information -- Down: 1. The Beatles’ “___ Why”; 2. Give a hint; 3. Correct; 4. Olympics no-no; 5. Scoreboard side; 6. 911 respondent; 7. Busters?; 8. Sweet 16 org.; 9. How to put a coin in a coin slot; 10. Lugs; 11. “A Visit From St. Nicholas,” e.g.; 12. “___ a living”; 13. Entertains, as a child at bedtime; 14. Accept a bad defeat, in slang; 15. Chicken dish; 16. Medium of OPEC transactions; 17. Some landlocked bodies of water; 18. Vacation time in Valois; 24. Silvery salmon; 25. ___ facto; 29. Lacking limbs; 32. Give off; 34. Moving easily; 35. Like Bart Simpson’s hair; 37. Cabinet head: Abbr.; 40. Summer drinks; 41. Like some dirt paths; 42. “___ old for this!”; 44. Residential sign; 46. “He-e-ere’s Johnny!,” e.g.; 49. Equatorial land; 50. Pulitzer winner for “Russia Leaves the War”; 52. Load bearer?; 55. Caved in; 56. Proofreader’s mark; 58. Quebec traffic sign; 59. Barbara of “Mission Impossible”; 60. Co. name ender; 62. Midpoint: Abbr.; 63. Bygone TV inits.; 65. Examine covetously; 66. Brisk; 67. Guthrie with a guitar; 68. Sweater’s place; 69. Make a record of; 73. Try; 74. Isn’t serious; 75. Stipend; 76. Pain along the course of a nerve; 77. Junkyard junk; 78. Strict disciplinarian; 80. Bribes; 83. Ballyhoo; 84. Seconds, say; 85. Temper tantrum; 86. Removing, as paint; 87. Everything; 89. Frauds; 90. Plane seating specification; 98. Retreats; 100. Make it home safely; 101. Fingerprint feature; 102. Very, in music; 103. Nothing; 104. “Lady T” singer ___ Marie; 105. Lunkheads; 110. Doctrine; 111. Overly rehearsed; 113. ___ soldier.

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