12.05.08 -- I'm Late!

Friday, December 5, 2008
Puzzle by Joe Krozel, edited Will Shortz
Looking for excitement? No? Good. It’s not in today’s crossword. I’ll make this quick, I’m running late! T.G.I.F.!
Nine letter entries -- ANNUALFEE (17A. Requirement for some memberships); BYNOMEANS (14A. Not at all); LETSPARTY (62A. Fraternity cry); RENTALCAR (58A. One often picked up at the airport).
Eight-letter --
BADDEBTS (14D. Lenders’ banes); GOTOSEED (34D. Decay); LEAPINTO (35D. Take up enthusiastically); MAYBENOT (30A. Reconsideration declaration); NUGATORY (32D. Inconsequential); ONELINER (11D. Quick delivery); RESIGNED (40A. Submissive); SAFESIDE (10D. Cautious people try to stay on it).
Seven -- BOUNDTO (8D. Almost certainly gonna);
DECARLO (39D. Gwynne’s co-star on “The Munsters”); COPIERS (50A. Certain cheaters); EARFLAP (41D. Certain hat feature); EDGESIN (24A. Manages to add); ISEENOW (12D. “Oh, so that’s it”); TAGTEAM (52A. Ring pair); TAILEND (22A. Rear).
Six -- BETTER (47D. Sound again); ETALIA (43A. Footnote phrase); FADEIN (19A. Scene starter); FURORS (55A. Crazes); 3D. Ab INITIO (from the start); MARINE (48D. Devil dog);
NEURAL (2D. Kind of network); SMILES (49D. Prepares to be shot?); TORINO (29A. Former Ford).
Five --
AERIE (31D. Flight takeoff and landing spot); ELDER (15D. Communion assistant); ININK (1A. Way to fill out a form); GOTME (25D. “I haven’t the foggiest!”); GSUIT (53D. Aviator’s protection; INNIE (7D. Omphalos variety); IRENE (63A. Younger sister of the Netherlands’ Queen Beatrix); KNIFE (5D. Cut); LIFTS (44D. Hitchhikers’ hopes); MENON (13A. They may run home, informally) ; LUIGI (16A. Mario Bros. brother); MERIT (28D. Criterion for a raise); SUCRE (51D. Somme sweet stuff); TARES (66A. Weight considerations); UNTIL (60A. Before).
Four -- ANDY (British Royal, informally); ASIF (54A. “Keep dreaming!”); EDIT and DELE (21A. Strike Mark);
ELOI (Wellsian race); EPEE (One not making the cut?); DIBS (Claim exclamation); DYNE; GLEE (Pleasure plus); IBMS; LIME (Twist choice); 37A. 1984 Physics co-Nobelist Simon van der MEER; NEAR and RATE (56D. Hotel hunter's concern).
Three -- APE, ART, DEM and DEW and DOE, NOG, NRA, ODO, SMA, SOI,
TAE and TRI and TRU.
Gotta go --
IMLATE (1D. Cry from the White Rabbit)!
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