Yule Logs

BRINGING IN THE YULE LOG. Frontispiece. CHRISTMAS: Its Origin and Associations, by William Francis Dawson
Yule Logs, puzzle by Fred Piscop, edited by Will Shortz
If you subscribe to The New York Times on-line Premium Crosswords, you are probably familiar with the monthly puzzle. For December, the title of the puzzle is Yule Logs, and Mr. Piscop's puzzle utilizes the word “log” in the following clues:
Across: 1. Fuel for some artificial logs, GAS; 12. ANTS on a log (raisins and peanut butter on celery); 14. “STAR Trek” (TV show with a captain’s log); 17. Bump on a log, say, NODE; 19. Log holder, ANDIRON; 23. Punk band with the 1993 tune “Logjam”, DOA; 26. Remains of a burnt log, ASH; 36. Compete in logrolling, BIRL; 37. Legendary logger PAUL Bunyan; 40. Log writer, DIARIST; 49. Prefix with log or center, EPI; 51. Log holder, GRATE; 61. Feature of a logger’s boot, HOBNAIL; 72. Quantity of logs, CORD; 74. Like the Log Cabin Republicans, GAY.
Down: 1. 7. SHIPS log (seagoing record); 10. Lincoln Logs alternative, LEGO; 14. Saw logs, so to speak, SNORE; 22. They’re produced by splitting logs, RAILS; 28. Log transport; FLUME; 41. Like a bump on a log; INERT; 53. Loggers’ competition, ROLEO; 56. Logging ROAD (forest path); 57. Prefix with log or lock, ANTI; 58. “Log Cabin and HARD Cider” (William Henry Harrison slogan); 60. Lift, as a log, TONG.
The remainder of the crossword contains plenty of activity for the holiday, evident in the entries of 70. Up ATREE (trapped); BRR (52A. “It’s c-c-cold!”); DIDSO (73A. Playground retort); GAGA (1D. Totally smitten); HATES (15A. Can’t stomach); HIP (27D. Up on the latest); HUG (39A. Warm embrace); IMP (32A. Sitter’s handful); 69. “Ignorance ISNO excuse!”; RAH (56A. Cheerleader’s cry); RARED (20D. Rose up, in dialect); SPICED (13D. Added zip to); SWOON (54A. Faint dead away) crossing THROB (42D. Pound like a headache); THIRSTS (25D. Things to quench); WHINY (55D. Prone to complaining).
However, the GOOSE (51D. Golden-egg layer) best be left alive this Christmas of hard times, PURSE (34A. Boxer’s earnings), FEE (75A. Agent’s take) or NONE (71A. Portion for Mother Hubbard’s dog) -- it’s certain to GOUP (16A. Increase in value).
A touch of song for entertainment is had from an ARIA (31D. Diva’s show-stopper) at 7A. Milan’s La SCALA, or 28A. “FRERE Jacques” (children’s song) and 30A. “Bali HAI”.
CARET (24A. Insertion mark); HTEST (47A. Big blast of the ‘50s); IMAGE (18A. Public persona); MANET (33D. “Olympia” painter Édouard); 65. ONALL fours (crawling); RIGUP (29D. Put together hastily); STONE (4D. Mango’s center); are the remaining entries of any size, followed by usual fill -- ANON, AREA and ASEA, ASOF, ARP (21A. Dadaist Jean); ATAD, BAAS, BOA, CAM, EMUS, EPI, EST, INRE, ISNO, LAT, LES, LODE, NASA, OBIS, OTT, PAD, SHE, SIB, SPA, STUD, rounding out this delightful crossword puzzle perfectly in season!
Happy Holidays!
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