12.23.08 -- Classic

Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Puzzle by Joe Krozel, edited by Will Shortz
What to say? Quibble, I’ll not!
Well, except to say I didn’t see the overall picture until the solution was complete, so I sort of picked and puzzled at it -- "coming to" late, utilizing the gimmick only as a help in solving with AMO and DIM (matching OMA and MID) -- I had OSA and DIS. Additionally, EDILE and NIM (matching ELIDE and MIN), I had never heard of either, so the reverse entries dictated the vowel needed. I grumbled throughout, scowling frequently at the fragmentation and only noticed one reverse in the process, NOV and VON. I think a more leisurely solve would have made the experience a really great one!
This crossword is a classic!!!
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Xword search information -- Across: 1. A Turner; 4. Plopped (down); 7. Critic, at times; 12. Seine sight; 13. Oklahoma city; 15. “Boom” preceder, in song; 16. Unit of cell phone usage: Abbr; 17. Actress Conn; 18. Snare again; 19. The Wizard of Menlo Park; 21. Start of a Latin 101 conjugation; 23. Liquid meas.; 24. Staff again; 25. Show utter disrespect for; 28. Went smoothly; 30. Three trios; 34. City of 100,000+ or the lake it’s on; 37. Patriotic org.; 38. Thin layer; 39. Parisian possessive; 40. Thanksgiving time: Abbr.; 41. Rocket scientist Werner ___ Braun; 42. Firm up; 43. One with absolutely no manners; 45. “Awesome!”; 46. Limerick land; 47. Part of some joints; 48. Screenwriter Ephron and others; 50. Policy of many hotel shuttles; 52. Title giver; 56. Engine additive; 59. Medical suffix; 60. Main course only; 61. Moses vis-à-vis the Red Sea; 64. “Look what ___!”; 66. Game with matchsticks; 67. Biblical landing site; 68. Eat by candlelight, say; 69. Whitney after whom Whitneyville, Conn., is named; 70. Pave over; 71. Univ. aides; 72. Badge flasher: Abbr. Down: 1. Stove feature; 2. Skip over; 3. Shade of blue; 4. Arizona locale famous for its red rocks; 5. Have ___ with (know well); 6. Prescription abbr.; 7. “Norma ___”; 8. Technique; 9. Rain check?; 10. Part of Q.E.D.; 11. Criticizes; 14. It’s a wrap; 15. Easy pace; 20. MS. Enclosure; 22. Season opener?; 25. Balkan native; 28. ___ even keel; 27. Monique ou Dominique; 29. Object of many screams; 31. Not final, at law; 32. Cabinet dept.; 33. Gallery on the Thames; 34. Coup d’___; 35. Descartes who thought “I think …”; 36. Hasn’t left; 38. City in California or New Jersey; 40. iPod type; 41. Actor Kilmer and others; 44. “___ Dieu!”; 45. Made good on, as a loan; 46. Those, in Madrid; 48. Unfavorable; 49. Battery poles; 51. Libel, e.g.; 53. Dug; 54. Ancient Roman magistrate; 55. “Please ___” (invoice request); 56. Fight, but not all-out; 57. Weight allowance; 58. Backside, slangily; 60. Jazz singer Simone; 62. La preceder; 63. Ring setting; 65. Dah’s counterpart.


cornbread hell said...

holy cow. i never caught on.

and i was so happy for what i considered a difficult monday puzzle...

cornbread hell said...

our paper switched mon/tues puzzles.

but that "classic" one was still tough (and awesome) for a tuesday.