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“The Confessional,” oil painting by Giuseppe Maria Crespi; in the Galleria Sabauda, Turin, Italy


Friday, December 12, 2008

Puzzle by Mike Nothnagel, edited by Will Shortz

Across: 1. Mandrake the Magician’s sidekick; 7. Sheepskin leather for bookbinding; 11. Unwavering, SET; 14. Get quite hot, ENRAGE; 15. Billy Graham’s “UNTO the Hills”; 16. Org. with an annual televised awards ceremony, CMA; 17. Thing on a string; 18. Call after which someone fills a box; 20. Unit in a physics textbook, OHM; 21. Be way off; 23. Sch. Staff, FAC; 24. Its employees get a lot of perks; 25. Unchanged, FLAT; 27. Flawlessly, TOAT; 28. Where le nez is, TETE; 29. Where rushing strategies are often discussed; 31. Like three-legged race contestants; 33. Capital of Shaanxi province; 34. Course that has its limits, briefly, CALC; 35. One may be in a stew; 38. 26-Down’s schedule; 41. About three-fourths of la Tierra, AGUA; 42. Release, EMIT; 43. Well-executed, NEAT; 45. Fictional manager of a “psychiatric help” booth; 49. Stink, ADO; 50. Setting of Main Duck Island; 51. It may come in vin, COQ; 52. Noble thing; 53. God commonly depicted with four arms; 55. Pitching asset?, EAR; 56. Home of the ancient Olympics; 57. Half-sister of King Arthur; 58. Org. in which one’s number may be up, SSS; 59. Drop, DELE; 60. Held to be, SEENAS.

Down: 1. Release, LETOFF; 2 Fair share, maybe; 3. Rock roller?; 4. Bell Centre team member, familiarly, HAB; 5. NPR’s “Only AGAME”; 6. Record collector?; 7. Chafes, RUBSRAW; 8. How money is often lost, ONABET; 9. Some advisers: Abbr., ATTYS; 10. Less, NOTAS; 11. Carpenter’s scoring tool; 12. Use as a model; 13. Getting to the point?; 19. Face sideways?; 22. Piece of silver; 26. 38-Across completer; 30. Yoke; 31. Pre-reincarnation periods; 32. 1980s sitcom title role; 34. Quaint news source; 35. Lollygags, DALLIES; 36. Desert denizens; 37. Irregular folds, PUCKERS; 38. You can’t escape from it; 39. Try to get something from a grab bag, say, REACHIN; 40. One who’s often with child?; 42. Call for, ENTAIL; 44. Kitchen headgear; 46. Picked a ticket, VOTED; 47. Point of view; 48. Cotton variety, TOILE; 54. Reply facilitator: Abbr., SAE.


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