12.27.08 -- Saharan Saturday

Sahara Dunes, Photo by Carsten Peter, National Georgraphic
Saturday, December 27, 2008
Puzzle by Karen M. Tracey, edited by Will Shortz
Clue-wise, this is a Saharan crossword puzzle!
A dozen 10-letter entries are the main feature -- ADIOS AMIGO (55A. Parting words); BOTTOM LINE (11D. Net);
DONKEY KONG (20A. Centipede alternative); INHIBITION (26D. Constraint); I SUSPECT SO (17A. “Seems likely”); JACK HORNER (6D. “Good boy”); LATIN LOVER (48A. Rudolph Valentino type); OBSESSIONS (29D. Hard drives?); PAAVO NURMI (27D. Track gold medalist in three 1920s Olympics); PRIVILEGES (38A. They’re not enjoyed by everyone); TIME FACTOR (10D. It comes into play when there’s a deadline); TREBLE CLEF (32A. Staff opening).
Mid-size entries -- 7D. ANTOINE Lavoisier, the Father of Modern Chemistry;
BOOKREST (41A. Literary supporter?); EYESTALK (18D. Piece of lobster or shrimp?); GENTIAN (39D. Deep-blue alpine flower); GLISTENS (30D. Is scintillating); SAHARAN (35A. Like some climates); 37A. SISTINE Madonna”; SONOGRAM (28A. Inside shot?).
Five-letter -- AFORE (23A. Previously, old-style); ALOES (14A. Fleshy-leaved flora); ANGER (12D. Heat); ASPEN (5D. Resort on the Roaring Fork River); ATARI (44D. Centipede producer);
PANDA (1A. Dweller in the Chinese highlands); POBOX (58A. Letter getter); POESY (61A. Verse); REESE (13D. Eponymous candy man); TAINT (43A. Opposite of purify); TENPM (43D. Evening news hr.).
Four-letter --
ADEE, ALSO (2D. Further), ANON (15A. Not just yet), ARES, BOSN, DEAN, DESK, EGOS, ENZO, ETES and ETTU, FEES, HOAR, IONA and IONE, JABS (6A. Rights, e.g.), LADY, MINI, MTGE, NAIR, NEHI, NOUN (3D. Object, e.g.), NSEC, ONZE, OMOO, PAID, PROM, REOS, RIOT, ROXY, SNOG, TBAR, VIBE, WHIP, and WISP, YENS (60D. Pines), a suitable clue for YEWS.
No breeze today!
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Xword search information -- Across: 10. Easy way to the top; 16. Glaucus’s love in “The Last Days of Pompeii”; 19. Monthly pymt. For some; 21. Are, in Arles; 22. Pop that’s over 80 years old; 2. Party leader; 31. Setting of St. Columba’s missionary work; 40. One less than une douzaine; 42. Some old fire trucks; 45. Minute part of a minute: Abbr.; 47. Dramatic rebuke; 54. Hair removal option; 56. Where a king may be crowned; 57. Class-conscious figure?; 59. Pint-size. Down: 1. Office stamp; 4. You may work hard at this; 8. Anchorman, briefly?; 9. Be amorous with, in Britain; 23. Half brother of Hercules; 24. Bit of shock?; 25. Look of aged whitening; 33. Tenor role in “La Gioconda”; 34. Schedule listings; 36. Laugh-a-minute sort; 48. Animated film pooch; 49. “Song of the South” song syllables; 50. Tale of the South Seas; 51. Vague sense; 52. Massage targets?; 53. ___ Music.

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